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This isn't an option on the Network graph. Or at least not currently. The Network graph also opens up centred with the branch that has been set as default by the repo/fork owner(s), not necessarily the "master" branch. (Don't change your default branches after viewing the graph because the cache will still open up on the last set default branch.) ...


You need to combine site: and inurl: in order to narrow your results as desired. In your example it would be: SSL_get_peer_certificate site:github.com inurl:ruby This will search for "SSL_get_peer_certificate" on the github.com domain, and only if "ruby" is part of the URL, as it would be in github.com/ruby/ruby But you can also use GitHub.com itself ...


There is currently no way via the GitHub web interface to see the diff between any two points of your gist revisions. The alternative is to download the Gist and then reupload it to your main GitHub account as a full repository and then modify the URL as needed, like the following: ...


Apparently (I found out today) this is something in github which breaks on firefox 30. Pending a fix in github rolling out, this should be added to your userContent.css @-moz-document url-prefix(<http or https>:<your github server>) { .file .highlight { overflow: visible !important; } }

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