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The best way to solve this problem is to set up a second account for your work. That's the most secure way. It's better if everything is strictly seperated.


Github's never had openID authentication, so your only option is to create an account.


Github uses email address to link username to a commit as mentioned here GitHub uses the email address in the commit header to link the commit to a GitHub user. Hence not possible to see values configured via user.name


Why not try opening an issue? Despite the name, GitHub issues are used for more than just bug tracking. They're also a great way to reach out to the maintainer with questions or comments about their projects, or even to just say thanks.


Service There is some basic Github/Twitter integration in standard Github Services. Go to repository settings. Select Webhooks/Services from menu on left. There using Add Service drop-list button you can add Twitter service. Configuration is minimal, and twit is created for almost every commit, but it might be just enoug. And there is similar thing for ...

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