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The question you linked shows a way to upload text files. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to upload binary files. Zapier seems to provide ways to upload files (via pull requests) from third party web-apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, … to Github. For Dropbox I found this: Dropbox New File in Directory to Github Create Pull Request GitHub Pull ...


Here is the direct link: https://github.com/shantanuo/following In general: github.com/{{username}}/following


The links to Followers / Starred and Following are just below the user pic on homepage! Will not find it in "settings".


They're useful in allowing you to cross-reference from one repository to another, so that comments or issues raised elsewhere can link back and have a point of context in a way. They're also good for those who want to use GitHub as an issue tracker for the public, who you don't want to see your source code. For example, you have a public repo that only ...


Does the release already have a file with the same name and filetype? If so, delete the file, save the changes, and then upload the new file. That fixed it for me.


If GitHub won't show you the network graph because there are too many forks, try the Members tab instead. You may still get the following warning: Woah, this network is huge! We're showing only some of this network's repositories. but at least you'll be able to see some of the forks.

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