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There are various browser add-ons that let you switch between sets of cookies. Personally, I use Multifox for Firefox. Install the add-on, and it creates a Default Profile. Sign in to Github with one account, and then create a new profile, and sign in with your other account. You can now switch back and forth by switching which Profile is active.


Disclaimer: I'm the original author. This project allows you to get an e-mail when a commit gets pushed on a repository you are watching. Explaination: gicowa is a command-line tool written in python that lists all last commits on all GitHub repos you are watching. This tool can send its output via e-mail and can be called from your crontab. Doing that ...


This will do it. $('#readme').insertBefore('.file-navigation'); If you're using Chrome, you could create a button or extension that does that automatically when loading GitHub.


Although GitHub removed the private messaging feature, there's still an alternative. GitHub host git repositories. If the user you're willing to communicate with has ever committed some code, there are good chances you may reach your goal. Indeed, within each commit is stored some information about the author of the change or the one who accepted it. ...

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