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You probably can't see who it's being sent to because the sender didn't put a value in the to: field. This is fairly common for mailing lists and such and is a courtesy; I know I get annoyed when my email address is exposed in a message sent to hundreds of people. If you open up the message menu and choose "Show Original", you'll get a view of the raw email,...


Here is an Apps Script solution. Save it, changing the label and recipient, and set a trigger to run this function every 5 minutes. It searches for threads with the given label that were created after the last time the script ran. In each, it forwards the first message to the given address. function autoForward() { var label = 'forwardthis'; var ...


No, sorry. The only automation available is Gmail Filters, which act on messages as they arrive. There's nothing built-in to Gmail that allows something to happen when a label is added to a message (unless it's part of a filter acting on an incoming message).


AI E. is correct. AND is assumed, OR can be declared. This is according to the Gmail Help article on Advanced Search. I recommend reviewing it as there are a lot of ways to improve your Gmail searches using the operators in it. To address your specific example, you can drop the quotes & the AND operator. Quotes are only needed to search for an exact ...


An IFTTT recipe will do that and more! And, may be easier to setup and manage

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