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If you want to do the opposite of to:(example.com) -to:(sub.example.com), you need to do to:(sub.example.com). If you add -to:(example.com) you'll also exclude all the sub.example.com as well.


I'm not sure how you asked Travelocity to remove your emails, but personally I would both email them to a relevant contact email like contact@travelocity.com or try to login to the site and change your notifications settings with the credentials your office administrator used. But, if it all fails go to the email and: Click on the down-pointing arrow and ...


I think all you'll be able to do is filter messages that have one address but not the other.  to:marketing.myorg@gmail.com -to: engineering.myorg@gmail.com should find all messages sent to marketing.myorg@gmail.com but not also to engineering.myorg@gmail.com.

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