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Without more information about your specific situation, here is a possible solution: You have two requests: Messages that are not to you, but are related to the listserve should be archived and labeled "automated" and also marked as read. Messages that are between you and others that are related to the listserve should be marked as "important". ...


The solution above didn't work for me (Feb 2015). However, this solution did work: from:(-(address1@gmail.com OR address2@gmail.com))


How about trying to solve the problem on the "other end", i.e. the system that generates error messages. By adding in a date-time stamp or an ID number (incremental count) of the errors, then you would generate unique subject lines that would be sorted as unique conversations. This could be done programmaticly if you wrote the system yourself, or maybe the ...


Filter 1 In the "To" field type your email address. Filter 2 In the "Has the Words" field use: cc:your_email@gmail.com


go to https://script.google.com and create a new Google Apps Script select the "Create script for Gmail" option this will create a script project this will create a script called Code.gs this will create sample functions, one them named processInbox save the project customize the script and test it until you are satisfied find the "custom project's ...

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