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A Google Script might be able to help you. Find Emails With No Reply This script creates and manages two new labels: “No Response” for emails that have garnered no reply, and “Ignore No Response” for emails you don’t need to respond to. The script periodically goes through your email and finds messages between 5 and 14 days old where you were the ...


Did you try negation? -to:foo+bar@gmail.com The minus sign means "NOT". You might need to clarify: to:foo@gmail.com -to:foo+bar@gmail.com


I would think category:primary would work. You'd put that in the "Has the words" field. (I just tried it, and it seems to work.) If that doesn't work for you, there's only a few categories, so you could always try negation. -category:updates, -category:social, -category:forums, -category:promotions In other words, not one of the other categories.


Not sure if I understood your problem correctly, but if you want these chats to be archived and not showing in your inbox, you should use "Skip inbox (archive it)" option when creating a filter. So your filter should be something like this: from:her-email-address@gmail.com Skip the Inbox (Archive it) Apply the label: Wife Never send it to Spam


If you cannot get your search right by means of the regular GMail filtering functionality, you have the option of using IMAP: Get all your email into a client (such as Mozilla Thunderbird) which features its own set of advanced filtering methods. If you have really advanced filtering needs, you can resort to exporting your messages to a repository of local ...


I don't think Gmail filters will work with parentheses like that. I think you'll need to negate every term. subject:"USB 3.0" -Notebook -"2,5" -Seagate -RAID -HDD -TB -Hub -Bus -WD -"Western Digital" All that said, filters are generally just saved searches, so try searching for "USB 3.0" -Notebook and keep adding terms until you get back the results you ...

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