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Don't delete it from your inbox. Archive it. Seriously it is that simple. You can put a label on the email if you want. When you archive the email the inbox label is removed. If it has no other label it will still be in "All Mail" and in "Sent Mail".


I'd change your password. It looks like those IPs that accessed your email were from this company: I'm not familiar with their software, but it looks like they offer some mobile apps that could have accessed your email. I don't think anything malicious is going on.


Gmail cannot read mail from external IMAP accounts. Instead, you can set the external account to forward to Gmail, or just use POP. If the external account supports IMAP, but not POP or forwarding, you're out of luck. I'm not aware of any such email providers.


Gmail automatically links related messages together as a 'conversation'. This includes the messages you send and all replies received, your replies to those replies, and so on. It's a handy feature. If you open any message in the conversation and click the 'delete' button at the top, the entire conversation gets deleted. But if you open a particular ...


This is the expected behaviour of GMail via IMAP, and is documented here. The underlying problem is that the GMail paradigm of having one gigantic pile of mail (All Mail) with tags (and INBOX is just another tag, just one that every new message has attached) does not map well to the folder paradigm underlying IMAP. Inside GMail, it's completely normal to ...


You can kinda do it through gmail. What you can do is (and I do this) have a "slave" account, which is an account you want to use that uses gmail, but you don't actually check this one, and a "master" account, which is the one you check and can send emails from as master and slave. First open up your slave account, go to settings > forwarding and IMAP/POP ...


There's any way to give all the messages in tabs an specific IMAP label to see them from Thunderbird? Unfortunately, this isn't possible yet.


Without more details, I think that the best option is to do the bulk operations in just before you could left alone your Thunderbird instance for several hours, as the sync process could take "a while" and consume "a lot" of resources of your computer. References How actions sync in IMAP - Gmail Help Deleting IMAP messages - Gmail ...


Google support suggests that if you're migrating from one Gmail/Google Apps account to a different Gmail/Google Apps account, just use POP3 between them. (Directions here) However, you want to only copy/move some of the messages. I would use a third-party email client that can connect to Gmail via IMAP. (Thunderbird would probably be my choice.) Connect ...


If you're using Thunderbird, I've found that I only get throttled when trying to copy the entire [Gmail] superfolder. All the other folders worked fine. I got around this by selecting chunks of 25,000 messages for each of the folders in [Gmail] and copying them. Took a while, but worked.


I'm pretty sure only counts those messages in the INBOX, not Archived messages. I know that's what getmail does.

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