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The issue is that the star is associated with a message, not the entire conversation. So when you use: is:starred it returns all conversations where at least one message in the conversation has a star. -is:starred returns all conversations where at least one message is unstarred. Unfortunately when you look at the list in the GUI all the Conversations ...


What you have tried should work. Although "officially" you should use the label: operator to search within a label, and labels are not case-sensitive. So, the following should also work: label:test -is:starred Note that if your label contains spaces then replace spaces with hyphens (-) in your search phrase. However, if you've enabled multiple stars then ...


Unfortunately neither the GmailApp API nor the advanced Gamil API have any way to read your filters let alone what filters were applied to an email. Assigning each filter a unique label to assign will let you see their effects going forward. However there is one more way to look at your list of filters aside from the gmail settings. You can export the ...


The correct category to assign via a filter, would be "Personal".

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