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Go into Label A and click the checkbox within the Select button to select all of the messages on the page. Look above the first message but below the action buttons, and you should see a notification that reads All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all [X] conversations in "Label A". The second sentence is a link.... Click the link in the ...


Gmail doesn't have folders. It has labels. Labels are essentially "tags" that can be applied to a conversation. A conversation can have multiple labels on it. Or none. "Inbox" is a special label, but it's still just a label. "Archive" removes the "Inbox" label from a conversation. There are other special labels too: "Spam" and "Trash". "All Mail" and ...


To view all the labels assigned to an email message open it. All the assigned labels should be displayed below the subject. To find which filters applied the labels and archived your message you should go to Settings > Filters and analyse your filters.

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