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You must have a filter that's applying the label. It probably looks something like Matches: from:(youremailaddress@gmail.com) Do this: Apply label "outgoing-label" or Matches: to:* Do this: Apply label "outgoing-label" Just look for the label that's getting applied and delete that filter. Filters are found under "Settings". This assumes, of course, ...


At this time the GMAIL web UI can't. The alternatives are to use a POP or IMAP client. References Gmail Help http://support.google.com/mail Gmail Help Forum Turning conversation view OFF causing another problem: I can't see my replies in email threads.


Yes, there is a way. Enable the Quick links Lab, and add to it the URL of your Gmail search. To add the "Quick links" lab, do the following Go to Settings (cog wheel) > Settings Click on the Labs tab Search for Quick links Click the related Enable radio button Click on the Save changes button. Once the Quick links is enabled it will be available in the ...

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