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There's a nifty service called IFTTT (which stands for "If This Then That") that, among many other things, will allow you to create "Recipes" to automate certain tasks within certain "Channels". Here's an example of an IFTTT recipe that saves "starred" Gmail attachments to an Evernote account. (Gmail and Evernote are just 2 of more than 160 "Channels" ...


You will need to add the parent label as well, even if the sub-label is supposed to be nesting. When you look at the list of labels, you will see the parent and sub-label (or child label) as separate choices. This is why when you click on a parent label it will only show emails tagged with that. It will not include messages "under" that tag. That ...


No, Gmail only has 1 copy of each email and it is only in one place no matter how many labels it has so if you delete it from one view you are deleting the one and only copy of that email. How Gmail stores your email: In GMail, to remove a message from the Inbox, you remove the Inbox label - just select or open the message and click the Archive button ...


It appears that you have a misunderstanding of one of the best features of Gmail: labels. Every message when Gmail ingests starts with the INBOX label. You can use filters to add labels to them, or in your case stars. If you tell Gmail to skip the inbox it strips the INBOX label from the message. Messages can have multiple labels, which is a great feature ...


no, there isn't. What I do is pre-end one highly used label with "_" so it sorts to the TOP of the list for each access. You could do that with 8 or so labels to make them easy, everything else would need scrolling to find.


In straight-up Gmail, no, unfortunately not. The only way I can think of to do it would be to get a third-party email client that supports IMAP and allows for quick folder creation like that. Then you could create the labels (folders) in that and get them in your Gmail account. You could always dump the client afterward.

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