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If you're using Chrome, then this extension should give you exactly what you want: Actions for Gmailâ„¢ (beta) This is a very simple extension: It places an "archive" or "delete" button next to each message in your Gmailâ„¢ inbox. Now you can archive or delete any message with just one click.


Alice from Front here! We count the number of emails that have a "sent" label on them over the last 100 days in your inbox. (so basically all the emails with your address in the "from" field). Hope this helps!


If you hover over the "important" icon, Gmail will tell you why it marked the particular message as important. It could just be that you've interacted quite a bit with such messages in the past. Mark as "not important" and Gmail will learn better how to mark these. One thing you might want to do is if you already have a filter acting on these messages, ...

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