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When you attempt to login with another account, it says the following: You can use multiple sign-in with these Google products: Calendar Code Gmail Reader Sites Voice [...] Google products not listed above will default to the first account that you signed in to using your current web browser session. I guess this ...


Multiple sign in is a feature that allows you to view content of your other accounts while logged in to one. You cannot use some of the Google tools from two accounts at once, and they default to using the first account you signed in with. Whichever account you sign in to first is the default account - the account Google will "default" to if there are any ...


How do I change which of the accounts is the default one? To change the default Google account when you are using the multiple sign-in, you need to Sign out of all accounts. Then log in to the Google account that you want to be the default first.


While logged in, you can visit https://www.google.com/accounts/IssuedAuthSubTokens to see all of the websites that google has issued authentication tokens for.


You can logout of your gmail account, and then sign up for a new account. Once you've created an account, go back to your original account and forward everything to the new account.


I have forgotten my password, but my browser remembers it If your browser rembembers your password (that is, the password field is automatically populated when you log in to your Google account, and you're able to log in), you should be able to retrieve your password through your browser's password manager. See the instructions for your browser: Google ...


Google are beginning to transition Google Apps accounts to full accounts. My domain just went through this transition and now I have access to most Google services using my Google Apps account. Previously I used to have an alex@mydomain.com Google Apps account and a google@mydomain.com Google account - it got rather annoying after a while! I outlined in ...


Google offers quite a few tools to help you keep unwanted persons out of your account, but some of them only work if you activate and use them. Keep your Account Recovery Options up to date Mobile telephone number: If you forget your password, or if there is unusual activity on your account, Google can send you a security code via SMS for you to prove you ...


Make sure you go to google.com not google.ext (where ext is from your country). From there log out, and on the login windows, choose log in with other account. This should give you this: If you don't see the above at this point even, clear your browsercache, temporary internet files and cookies. Then try again.


That's probably the "Authorized Access" section in your Google Account. Go to Google Account and click "Change Authorized Websites". (For me the URL is https://www.google.com/accounts/b/0/IssuedAuthSubTokens )


There are two ways Google 'logs' your searches. Google keeps server logs and there's a feature to log your searches in Web History. Server Logs Google stores search information like your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser ...


No. Each Google+ account is tied to a Google Profile account, which can have only one primary email.


Clear the browser's cookies (and perhaps cache/history). 'Trust this computer' option doesn’t work For computers you trust, Google recommends you select the "Trust this computer" option when you are asked for a verification code. When you check this box, you won’t have to enter a code every time you sign in to your account from that computer. ...


According to Google Support: Removing trusted computers from your list You can remove computers from your set of trusted computers at any time. To do so, sign in to your account and go to your 2-step verification settings page. Under the “Advanced” section, you’ll have the choice to remove the computer you’re using at the time or all other ...


According to Google's support docs, it's not possible to merge accounts. They do offer a comprehensive list of how to move and share data between Google accounts. For the specific products you mention: Google Reader can export feeds from one account and import to another Calendars can be shared; if you have meeting invites being forwarded via email you ...


You can check all the information Google has on you on the Google Dashboard.


Google's multiple sign-on capability helps you manage more than one of your accounts simultaneously. Signing-in to a different account when you're already signed-in, would link both your accounts. And on each additional sign-in, each of the accounts are linked to one other. Signing-out from one account would implicitly mean that you sign-out from all your ...


View your Account Settings and look at the My Products section.


Visit your Google Account Settings. Under "Personal Settings" click "Change authorized websites." This will list all websites that you have logged into via Google's OpenID service.


It remembers your code for 30 days, but if your phone gets stolen, you just remove the "mobile application" (this means Google Authenticator) associated with your phone from the two-step settings page. This will immediately invalidate your code, and your phone browser will no longer log in*. This is what the setting looks like in my account: This ...


One solution is to activate "multiple sign-in" on your accounts. Afterwards you can use two tabs like before. Another solution is to use different browser instances that do not share cookies. This can be done by starting the same browser multiple times, use different browsers (e.g. Chrome for one account, Firefox for another) or use something like Prism to ...


I don't think that you can do that. I would suggest loggin with your other GMail account that you want to make it primary and then add the old one as an additional email address to connect them. You could also forward all your email from one to another or simply retrieve them via POP, if it is only for your emails.


I have two accounts logged in as well. If I go to google.com, click 'Log out', it logs me out from all accounts. I have to login back with some account and the second is not visible in the menu that time. So I assume logging out logs you out from all accounts and required you to login with each of them separately again. (Because of this I don't understand ...


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There isn't a way currently, and its infuriating. I had to create a completely seperate account to use the Android Marketplace, since Checkout will only accept a @gmail.com address and its painful to see that address on every Google service I use. Not to mention that it breaks some services (eg Wave) that have their own accounts data and only use the Google ...


I'm pretty sure that Google accounts ignores all periods (it's a "feature"). In other words, you can put a period anywhere in your name, and use it for an email address. P.S. here's some more interesting info about it: http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/09/gmail-easter-eggs-dot-blindess-email.html


If you have created the YouTube account after May 2009, which I am guessing you have, then there is no way that you can unlink the YouTube account from your Google account. AFAIK not even raising a support ticket with YouTube will enable you to unlink your accounts. Taken from this YouTube Help Article Only certain types of YouTube Accounts can ...


Another solution to that is to login to your Google Apps account in an incognito window if you are using Chrome or something similar in other browsers.


In Gmail go to Settings and then select accounts and scroll down to Change Account Settings. Go to Change password recovery options in the 'Change account settings' section. Click Edit next to the mobile phone number and simply edit the number Click Save to make your changes.

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