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The straightforward approach is to make a separate Chrome user profile for each Google login. You can keep these Chrome user profiles logged into Google, and just open/close their windows as needed.


Yes, you will be able to do so. From https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/72198?hl=en Adding Gmail If you add Gmail to your Google Account, your account's primary username will permanently change to yourusername@gmail.com. After you add Gmail, the original email address associated with your account will become your alternate email ...


Signup to gmail has the same conditions as creating a google account. This states that first and last names can be unicode/UTF-8, and according to this list that includes the characters you listed. Gmail ignores the dots between your names, so you would signup with Σ…ςΠ…ςΧ…λ@gmail.com, but it would allow you to receive emails addressed to ...


At this time is not possible. From A first step toward more global email - Official Gmail Blog Starting now, Gmail (and shortly, Calendar) will recognize addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters. This means Gmail users can send emails to, and receive emails from, people who have these characters in their email addresses. Of course, ...


It's going to depend on how each application has implemented Google's API for user authentication. Most likely there's some Websocket or AJAX calls going on in the background polling Google to see if you're logged on. When it finds that you're not the calling app changes your status.

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