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The primary email address of your Google account was "converted" to an alternative email address when you added a Gmail address for your daughter. From Remove addresses from your account Here's how to remove an alternate email address from your Google Account: Sign in to your account at Select Email in the Personal info ...


Set up 2-Step verification. Go to security settings and activity log. Note down the IP address of suspicious attempts. If all are different locations then someone is using a proxy. If not different, try reverse tracing it to get the ISP. You can also contact your cyber crime division in your country with these details in hand.


You really can't stop them from trying but you can make your account more secure. For GMail / Google account I would setup the 2 step authentication. The 2 step process links your smartphone to your account so when you log in and get through, google will also send you a pin to your smartphone from which you will then verify. Much more secure.


You can delete your Google account anytime. See this to Delete your Gmail address.

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