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There is no easy way to do this. You will need to do the following with each file. Share the file from your old account to your new account. From your old account, make new account the Owner of each file. This preserves the shares, but won't work for any file you don't own. Additionally if either of these are Google Apps accounts, your IT may have ...


According to Google Support you can't merge two accounts. Check if your clients gave your account permission to share the files/folders. If they did then you can share them with your new account.


This option is only available using a browser as documented in the 'Sign out of all sessions' of this article. I just tested and this option can be found in a mobile browser. I used Chrome on my Android phone. Start by going to Select the menu icon on the left, scroll to the bottom, choose the Desktop link, then follow the same steps you ...


Short answer You should ask for the name of the apps used on the related course to each course responsible. Partial explanation Google Course Builder isn't a Web App. It's software and guidelines that could be used to create online courses which in turn could work as web apps. Each course could include one or several components that requires user ...


Try on another browser, if same problem try it on other device and check that you have right username and password.


You don't need to unverify your number. Just change your phone number and verify the new number. Here is the way to change the phone number: You can edit information like your name, birthday, gender, and the email and phone number associated with your account. This basic information is used to help others get in touch with you more easily in products ...


It seems the contacts doesn't sync, but you should be able search them from your iPhone. This means you have to be on-line to find them. From How to search your Google Apps Directory and Global Address List on iOS On your iPhone, launch the Contacts app. Go to the Groups selection screen. Select your_account Global Address ...


At this time, there isn't a cross-platform Google Contacts mobile app. iOS users could use the native Contact app (see Use Google Apps on iOS), Android 2.1 - 2.3x users could use Google Apps Lookup. End-Users can access the Global Directory by using Gmail or Google Contacts desktop web apps. They could try to use these apps from the mobile web browser, but ...


No, you will not lose your Gmail account. But you will not be able to access your associated YouTube channels.

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