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There is no such thing as a "guest" account for your Google account. If you give someone your password they'll be able to see everything in your Google account, including the contents of your Gmail.


I would suggest contacting Google Support more than likely someone either entered the wrong address for their account recovery information or they're Phishing. You can contact google through their contact page. Either way Google's support teams are usually very helpful at getting these issues sorted.


Google consumer accounts only admits non @gmail.com address when the account doesn't have a @gmail.com address. If your account has an @gmail.com address, you should first cancel the account Gmail address. References Change your username - Accounts Help


Since Google made that all their services, including Youtube, use Google accounts for managing their information, users could sign in to one service and jump to another service without having to sign in again. Also, users have the option to sign in to several accounts without signing out of the others accounts in the same browser. For details see Sign in to ...

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