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Yes, this is possible. Simply add "help@abc.com" as an alias for "support@abc.com". Since you already have the "def.com" domain-alias in place, the new "help@abc.com" alias will be mirrored by a "help@def.com" alias as well. You can publicize the "help@def.com" address, and emails sent there will arrive at "support@abc.com". However, your question did ...


Also try IFTTT. This allows you to set up triggers that cause actions for all sorts of things that happen on the internet. In this case, you can automatically forward the email with the date received added to the subject thereby creating a new conversation for each email. Sadly, gmail won't forward to an arbitrary email address so it's probably not ...


Google Vault - It's a discrete option, offered by Google - That's what I am using now It's not answering the question, but answers the behavior I was looking for. - Getting/seen emails sent to a specific user, without him knowing that.


Here is what you need to click on. Hope it helps somebody as it's far from intuitive.

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