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In short, yes, you can use Google Groups as alias replacements. Please see the details below. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create. (src: "Is there a limit to the number of groups a user can create?" However, a given user can only be the owner of 1000 groups. If the group is created by a Super Admin or user with the Create Groups role, ...


Here's the answer and great instructions: Work around for using Gmail Alias with Forwarding Email Addresses http://ellisbenus.com/web-design-columbia-mo/workaround-using-gmail-alias-forwarded-email-addresses/ It worked for me on 2014-10-15.


For individual messages, you will need an IMAP capable email client and connect it to both (or more) accounts. I can only speak about Thunderbird, but the same principles apply to other tools as well. Basically, either copy or move the message from one account to another. Beware, however, of folders! GMail has no such thing as folders, but only tags. ...


The Gmail team crossed the line there from introducing new features to advertising other Google services. I bet the controls over paid ads won't affect this, but at least it should only happen rarely. My suggestion is to use the Help > Report an Issue... feature to send feedback.

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