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There is no setting in the Gmail UI for a time based auto response. The Email Settings API does allow you to enable, disable, change, and poll the current state of the autoresponder.


Personally I really like how the Gmail autoresponder works, so my approach would be to leave the autoresponder as is and work with the address differently. Google Apps has two alternatives. Delegated access. Create an account for and access it from your main account using delegated access. Downside: This will require ...


From Administrative APIs - Google Apps Administrator Help Google Apps administrators have access to Google Apps Administrative APIs. These APIs allow you to collaborate with the Google Apps services using your existing infrastructure. There are a number of administrator and application APIs that can be integrated with Google Apps and the ...


If the message wasn't received by Google's servers, there is no way it can be delivered to your consumer Gmail account. Start by using the email log search within your Google Apps account to find additional details on what happened to these 'missing' messages. About Email Log Search Find messages with Email Log Search An alternative method that avoids ...


Plus signs: Yes. But not as Vidar said, the correct format is: (note the username first then the alias) Arbitrary periods: No. Periods (.) are not ignored as they are in a account. If you create a user account called username, this user will not be able to receive messages addressed to, or

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