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OK I seem to have found the issue. It seems that Google somehow updated its security policy this summer, and as a result, you have to First, use "add another email address" under JohnDoe@example.com to add teamA@example.com to JohnDoe@example.com, in which step you'll not be prompted to authenticate Then, go to your personal gmail and use "add another ...


You can set up forwarding the regular way, but of course that will no longer work if you close your Google Apps account. Once you close your account, any messages sent to it will be lost. If you have access to the DNS records for the domain, you can set it up to use a cheap/free email service, and forward messages from that service to your Gmail account.


I have been using Groups as a shared mailbox for this exact purpose and I think it's horrendous. No good way to move things into "folders". The only way to sort things is by tagging them. This either needs to be updated or just go away in favor of another feature altogether.


Plus signs: Yes. Groups: I just tested sending an email to mygroup+something@example.com, and the message came through allright. Aliases: Successfully tested sending an email to myalias+something@example.com. Arbitrary periods: No. Groups: Test message to my.group@example.com is returned with a Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently ...

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