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It sounds like you need to use the vlookup function. In a helper-column say vlookup(cell-with-the-name, sheet-and-range-reference, column-in-the-range-with-email-in-it, 0)


Let me know if I'm wrong. I assume that both the work you have mentioned is related. I mean you are searching the email address of the person who is evaluated through a from in another spreadsheet and add to mail merge. If this is the scenario, you can design a form in excel and write a VBA script to fetch the email of the evaluated person from another ...


I was getting the same. The problem is that there is no row 0... You should use i+1: var cell = sheet.getRange(12,i+1);


One option is to use Google Forms validation tools - not as much control, but far easier than a script. They're under Advanced Settings for a text field. The picture below is looking for any 11-digit number, but you could make it more specific eg between 09000000000 and 100000000000.

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