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Google Apps does not natively support reporting on who has access to what in Google Drive. The report you are looking for is possible through a Google Apps script. As you probably know, from the Reports section of your Google Apps admin panel, you will be able to tell how many files are externally visible. If you are on the Google Apps Unlimited or Google ...


I don't believe you can from the Admin Console. When you delete a user you have the option to transfer files to a different user, but that is obviously not what you want. The Migrate data between Google Apps accounts support page from Google Says: Drive files: "Drive lets you manually download a file to your computer that you can then move to Drive in ...


No, it's not available for free legacy Google Apps accounts. Source: Google Support You probably already found the answer, but since it took me a while, I figured I would leave it here for the next person...


Here's another method, which also allows to forward to any email inside and outside of the organization, without creating an account: Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings Routing > Recipient address map Hover and click CONFIGURE on the right The dialog is very simple, don't think it warrants a step-by-step.

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