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There is currently no way to do this via the Gmail web app itself. "Delayed/scheduled send" is a popular feature request for Gmail, so this may change in the future. Boomerang is a popular 3rd party tool that can send scheduled or recurring emails.


Have you looked at the individual account storage options? Up to 30TB storage. You may be able to purchase additional storage space per user without upgrading your entire Apps account. Apps accounts are all at the same level, no mixing pricing. View the details by opening your Google Account page. Log in with the account you want to increase storage for. ...


Yes it's possible and disabling Google+ does not affect Gmail service at all. You just need to delete your Google+ profile. Please visit official help page for step by step instructions on how to disable Google+ profile.


Update 2014 - Answering my own question as Google seemed to have finally solved this. Option 1 Google recently launched Google Apps Unlimited which solves the problem I was having. For 4 or less users you get 1TB/user across gmail/drive etc. I'm not sure what the exact limits are for orgs with more then 4 users, but I expect for our purposes they ...

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