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Groups for Business is part of Google apps, if you have Google apps for Business it's a service you can turn on


Sounds like that user needs to be reprimanded. Check if your company has a policy on users that are moving or deleting shared files. I am sure your supervisors would be able to take appropriate actions as well. To answer you question, however, no there is no fine grained permissions where a user can edit a document but not be able to delete it. The only ...


First, you need a lookup table for the letter->digits substitutions. +----+-----+ | A | 00 | | B | 01 | | C | 02 | +----+-----+ (To enter strings like "00", use ="00"). Suppose this table is in cells E1:F18. Then given a string like K1J05359 in cell G1, you can convert it with =vlookup(mid(G1, 3, 1), E1:F18, 2, 0) & left(G1, 2) & right(G1, ...

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