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A domain alias can be released and readded to another primary domain immediately. You will need to re-verify the domain, but MX can stay the same. Removing a primary domain takes 5 days before it can be re-added as a alias domain to some other primary domain. The 5 days can be reduced to hours if you contact the Google support and ask them to help you ...


From what I know, there's a 5-day freeze period before you can move a domain alias to another Google Apps account. (The information used to be available here, but the page no longer exists). Also see this question, which is somewhat similar: How to delete an active domain from a Google Apps account?


You can’t do it for a Google Apps account. See the note under Customize your menu in this help page: Note: If you are using a Google Apps account, you won't be able to customize your menu.


It is possible to setup a split delivery scenario where email traffic is sent to primary email system. You users are split on different email systems, for example Exchange and Google Apps. If the primary email system have the user, it will send the email to the secondary email system for delivery. This is a very common scenario in Google Apps enterprise ...


I use different Google Chrome profiles. Each Google Chrome profile is logged to a different account. I can then just use the keyboard shortcut to switch between the different Google Chrome profiles.

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