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Choose "Individual Google Account" and then change the email address for that account. For details see the related official help article Change your username If you need to recover your individual account's password, follow these steps. Click "Individual Google Account." Click "Forgot Password." Indicate that you do not know your most previous password....


No, for a Google Apps (Enterprise) account it is expected your Admin would allow you back in as they own the account and are paying for the licence cost. If it were a consumer Gmail account you would be presented with an option to supply additional info that Google would review and decide if you are the actual owner of that account.


Check the following use Gmail SMTP server ; Gmail SMTP server - requires authentication with your Gmail/Google Apps account and password. Messages can be sent to anyone inside or outside of your domain. (not sure) enable Allow less secure apps: ON setting. Config Send mail as: Coding Goƻter <> ; Mail is ...


Using either an Incognito window in the Chrome browser or Guest mode on a Chromebook will erase all cached data when you close the last tab. This includes your authorization or sign-in cookie. When using these modes it won't matter if "Stay signed in" is checked or not. You won't be logged in next time you open an Incognito window. If you are using another ...

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