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I found that the drive Google Drive client can download a folder structure that contains Google Docs exported as PDF (and some other formats as well). drive pull -export pdf /path/to/folder


I talked to the former Google Apps admin. It turns out it is very simple. Rather than go to the admin section, go straight to your own calendar. From within your calendar, add the event's owner's calendar to your calendar view (from the bottom left). Now select the specific event and edit it. From the edit screen you can remove attendees.


I'm sure you have already figured out the solution, but for others who are finding themselves in this similar situation, here is what MUST be done. (!!!Enabling settings within your group alone might not be enough!!!) There is a setting in the Admin Console, so lets go there first. (So you are at your admin console? then let's begin) (note: the layout is ...


One option is to export a folder to your desktop as a zip file (default), decompress it then use folder import to import to the new drive.


I just spent some time searching through Google Drive apps for one that would convert Docs editor formats into PDF, but I came up empty-handed. (That said, Drive apps are always a good place to start looking if you need a feature that Drive itself does not include or, in this case, no longer includes.) I had no idea that Google had altered its whole ...


A script cannot give a file to you (well, it could email it to you, but I think this is going too far). You'll need to use "save as csv" menu command, and since it only saves the current sheet, you'll have to create a sheet that has only those columns in it. The straightforward way is to just create a new sheet and type in cell A1 ={'My Sheet'!A:A, 'My ...

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