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Try using Doctopus it will create multiple copies for individuals. Normally used in classroom setting to assign work.


With the new Google Cloud Console the procedure to obtain the P12 key has changed: Open the project, go to APIs & auth > Credentials Click on Create new Client ID, and select Service account and P12 key. Then click on Create Client ID to download it.


I've tried to do it with a dummy account and it worked. However, this does not imply that it would just work with any account of any age or activity.


Unfortunately, these two feature requests suggest that you can't.


I always use the ISNA() function. As a first step, I create the range with filter(): =FILTER( TRANSACTIONS! C4:C51; TRANSACTIONS! D4:D51="Other"); As a second step, I always use the: =IF(ISNA(range);0;thingsToDoWith(range)); So, in your case it will become: =IF(ISNA(FILTER( TRANSACTIONS! C4:C51; TRANSACTIONS! D4:D51="Other"));0;SUM(FILTER( ...

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