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Only the older spreadsheets that were not been migrated yet could be published as RSS. It's worth to say that older spreadsheets will be migrated over 2015. See Upgrading older spreadsheets to new Google Sheets for further details.


Yes its possible. You can have a dedicated Google Apps account for all aliases. In admin.google.com add all the aliases you need to that single account. Then in Gmail filters, configure one filter per alias to forward them to the appropriate external email (you need to verify them, see Gmail filters help). It has issues though. When they reply, it will be ...


We are working on releasing support for multi-user organizations, hopefully today or tomorrow, which will allow you to invite other members of your staff to Cognito Forms within a single organizational account. Also, we have lots of customers using our Zapier integration to push entries from Cognito Forms into Google Sheets or uploaded files into Google ...


It is possible to change an individual account to have "Reply All" as default in Gmail. If you'd like "Reply to all" to be your default option, click the gear icon and choose Settings. Locate the Default reply behavior setting to change the option. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. You can still choose to reply to just one person in ...


You can add the alias in the advancedArgs as shown here: var alias = "email@example.com"; GmailApp.sendEmail(person[1], emailSubject, emailMsg, {from: alias});

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