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There is a difference in policy when it comes to regular Gmail and Google Apps. While in regular Gmail, you can use most symbols such as @, &, %, and +, these cannot be used in a Google Apps account. Google Apps Guidelines: https://support.google.com/a/answer/33386?hl=en Gmail: ...


Unfortunately not. Even though careers@ is an alias, Google Apps sees it as an existing address. Incoming emails would not know which is the correct careers@. If you were to create a group with the name careers@ you would get the same error. You need to delete the alias and then create careers@'s own account. ...


Did I got your question right, assuming, that you want to "extract" your Contacts into another GMail account? If yes, just follow this "tutorial": http://www.wikihow.com/Export-Gmail-Contacts Sorry, if I got your question wrong. :)


With the gradual roll out of new Google Sheets from very late 2013 onwards the default text wrapping behaviour changed from “on” to “off” (which suits me). So what may have been taken for granted now requires a conscious choice, though only to select the range to which wrapping is to be applied and clicking a button: The button toggles.


I handled the situation. It turns out that when registering my domain to my server, I added it with "www" in front. Therefore even though it's DNS record entries were fine, it was having issues with accessing.


Yes, it's possible, select the mask (not the image), grab the little dot on a stalk and drag it round half a circle:

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