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The simplest approach would be to add phrases and drop any leading asterisks, e.g., "une" * * "est la" A slightly more subtle version would be: "une * * est la" Or you can explore using the AROUND() filter, such as: "une" AROUND(2) "est la"


Which books are to have a preview and which books not, is not decided by Google itself, but by the publishers who have created a publishers account on Google Books and submitted those books. It is likely that the particular publisher has changed the view settings of the book. Also, many books are under semi-preview where you can see some pages and not many ...


If copying only a sentence or two, you can highlight it and either "Search Book" or "Search Google", which gives you plain text in the search box that you can copy and paste. But to copy more than a certain amount, the easiest way I've found is to use Microsoft OneNote's built-in, easy OCR functionality. OneNote is free and available for Windows and Mac. ...

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