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Here is a solution how to remove Birthdays from Google Calendar: Cogwheel icon button Settings Calendars tab Browse interesting calendars link More tab Unsubscribe link next to Birthdays calendar Execution of these steps will unsubscribe you from Birthdays calendar in Google Calendar.


In the list of "My calendars", where it shows a color sample for each calendar including "Birthdays", click the color sample to hide that calendar: BTW the info on birthdays can come from your Contacts as well as Google+.


There is a "If This Then That" recipe you could utilize. Notes: Uses http://iamnerdwin.com/work/runkeeper-activity-feed to export data from RunKeeper and then http://www.feed43.com to turn the data into RSS. See http://imgur.com/mwLasUY for key settings in feed43. It shouldn't require much tweaking at all. Just an IFTTT.com account (they're ...


It is possible (even if the solution isn't nice). If the person knows the ID of your other calendar (which is a valid email address), he can send the invitation to the email address. The ID can be found in the settings of the calendar and has the form ...@group.calendar.google.com. There are however some drawbacks: The person who invites other people can ...


Unless you can get the person who sent the invitation to re-send it to your "normal" Gmail address, I think your only option is to work with the attached invite.ics file. From the email message invitation, simply click to download to save it locally. Then go into your Google Calendar and click the down arrow next to "Other calendars". Choose "Import ...


Ever since the recent Google Calendar changes, I've found this updated filter to work best. As a search: subject:("invitation" OR "accepted" OR "tentatively accepted" OR "rejected" OR "updated" OR "canceled event") when where calendar who organizer As a filter: From: To: Subject: "invitation" OR "accepted" OR "tentatively accepted" ...

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