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Click on the drop down arrow next to Reminders in your calendar list. There should be an option to switch back to Google Tasks.


Currently, Google Calendar limits recurring events to have a maximum of 730 occurrences in the series[1]. Unfortunately, they don't do a very good job of communicating this limitation in the UI. There are 3 options for a recurring series' end: "Never", "After _____ occurrences", and "On _____". If you choose "Never", or enter a number of occurrences greater ...


Here is the code you're looking for (using Google Apps Script and the Google Calendar API). Note that you'll have to enable the Google Calendar API to use it (see the instructions below): function myFunction() { //---------ONLY EDIT BELOW HERE UNLESS YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING--------- var calendar = "Test"; //The name of the calendar you want ...


Unfortunately, since it's not originating from your calendar, you can't change it from your default calendar. All you can do is "copy" to the other calendar (and, possibly, delete the original).


On the Google Calendar website, on the left side, click the drop down arrow next to Google Tasks. There should be an option to switch to reminders.


At this time the Google Apps (Calendar, Gmail, Keep, Now ) don't have either a user interfaces' command or API's class for the new reminders to convert a Google task to a Google reminder. An alternative could be the use of a user script1 that use the Google Tasks API or Google Apps Script. Notes: 1 A user script is a code snippet that changes the look ...

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