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Go to calendar.google.com, hover over the calendar that you got that notification from in the side bar, click the down arrow, and then select "Edit Notifications". You can then select/deselect the notifications you wish to be e-mailed for. "Canceled Event" seems to be the notification that you received. Alternately, you can go to Settings > Calendars to ...


The solution to this problem is to go to https://calendar.google.com/calendar/syncselect and tick the calendars you wish to be synchronized. Then go back to Windows Calendar, and refresh the synced calendars. I found the quickest way to do that was to open the settings panel, go to "Accounts", select the appropriate account, select "Change mailbox sync ...


I talked to the former Google Apps admin. It turns out it is very simple. Rather than go to the admin section, go straight to your own calendar. From within your calendar, add the event's owner's calendar to your calendar view (from the bottom left). Now select the specific event and edit it. From the edit screen you can remove attendees.


This seems to be an undocumented feature, but you can use the authuser URL parameter. So, you can create bookmarks that will take you directly to the calendar for a specific account, like so: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/?authuser=mypersonalaccount@gmail.com https://calendar.google.com/calendar/?authuser=mycompanyaccount@example.com Gmail works ...


I think that option is only available for the creator of an event. If someone else invites you, you can only delete one instance or all of them.


It is unclear what special feature you want a yearly event does not provide. My suggestion is to create a new calendar, label it something like "Anniversaries", then start recording yearly events. On the other hand, birthdays are supposed to be recorded to Google Contacts. However, all birthdays show up in Birthdays Calendar and I'm not aware of an easy way ...


I'm pretty sure you can't. Google's not generating a "feed" for those calendars; it's just ingesting and displaying them. You'll need to add those same calendars to your Windows 10 calendar separately (assuming the Win10 calendar has that capability).

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