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This can be done as two repeated events, rather than one. Create two identically named events, one of which happens on MWF every other week, and the other on TTH of every other week, starting a week later.


You'll open Google Drive and make a new script. Delete everything. Paste the code below into the script editor. Make your changes to the date range and title element. When you have it setup, hit the play button. You'll need to give it permissions when the window pops up. That should do it. function myFunction() { var fromDate = new Date(2016,0,1,0,0,0);...


Based on your question it sounds like you created a recurring daily event, not a Calendar reminder. Reminders appear on your calendar each day until you mark them as done. You can create them using these directions. While I didn't find it documented anywhere, in my experience daily recurring events will only appear on your calendar for the next year, but ...


If the person you try to invite is using Google Calendar, you can obtain a link to to add the event to their Google Calendar. The link is shown when you click on "publish event" link (at the bottom of the calendar invite detail page).

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