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If you are a Windows user, this free tool allows you to specify the calendar: http://mountwhite.net/en/google%C2%AD-cal%C2%AD-quick-%C2%ADadd-%C2%ADsoftware.html


Trip It updated the calender feeds recently. You probably have the old feed still.


Use If This Then That. Use the Twitter channel for your Trigger. Specifically the New Tweet by You trigger. For your Action, use the Quick Add Event action from the Google Calendar channel You'll want to format your ingredients to something like: {{CreatedAt}} Tweeted: "{{Text}}" Here's a recipe that seems to already be doing what you want: Measure your ...


Not sure about the API itself, but there is an Alfred 2 workflow to Add to Google Calendar here that supports the same syntax.


I wanted to do the same, and this site generates an arbitrary weekly event. Arbitrary week number generator for ical compatible calendars If you require week numbers for you calendar but your week one does not on the first week of the year you have some problems. Google Calendar and several other gizmos offer week numbers but they all start ...


Almost, but not quite. (At lease, with Gmail and Google Calendar alone.) While you're reading your message, open the "More" menu and choose "Add to Tasks". This will add a task to your Google Tasks with the subject of your message as the text of the task and a link to the email message. Click the arrow to go to the "more" menu for that item. Then ...


Facebook has changed the layout of the events pages (around Oct 2014). From what I can tell you can't get to the URL from the overall events pages anymore, instead you have to go to an individual event then: First get the link from Facebook Go to an individual event Click on "..." Click on "Export Event" Copy the webcal link listed under "Subscribe to all ...


Google Calender (and most shared calenders (Outlook)) will automatically update the date/time for the event for the recipient depending on their settings. So if you put the event in your timezone and send it out; then it should all work out. I would suggest to try out a couple just to make sure rather than missing something :) ...


I think you'll find that Google Calendar sends the reminder to the Google account that owns the calendar. So if you make a Google account (eg with a product like Blogger) that has an account name that looks like a non-Google email address (eg you@outlook.com) and an associated primary email address which is that address, then reminders for events set up in ...

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