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To show all calendars, put the following into your browser's address bar and press enter: javascript:(function(){for (row of document.getElementsByClassName("calListRow")) {if(row.getAttribute("aria-selected") == "false") {mousedown = document.createEvent('MouseEvents'); mousedown.initEvent("mousedown", true, true); ...


If the person you try to invite is using Google Calendar, you can obtain a link to to add the event to their Google Calendar. The link is shown when you click on "publish event" link (at the bottom of the calendar invite detail page).


See Unfortunately, there's no google-native way to delete multiple events.


Option 1 - Sync all events You can add all your Facebook Events to Google Calendar. Details Side effect: You get all events (could be a good thing / could be bad) Option 2 - Filter these events You can use a tool like ical filter to filter your ical events, before going down adding the ical feed, as in Option 1. Advantage: you only get events from a ...


You should use the getEvents(startTime, endTime) method. That method returns an array of events. Unfortunately, the documentation kind of hints at what data type is returned, but doesn't "spell out" that the return type is an array. An array has a length property, which you can easily use: theArray.length You can check the length with a conditional ...


The city Iceland -> Reykjavik uses GMT+0 and does not currently observe daylight saving. This will do for now. However, if they were to start using daylight saving then all my meetings scheduled in that time would suddenly be wrong.


This is how far I have come. Using a CSS to restructure what is visible.

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