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You could create a shared Google Document, put equations in the document (via Insert->Equation) and use the chat window that is available in all Docs applications. It won't allow the equations to appear inline with the chat, but at least you'd be able to see them and discuss...


I personally use MathIM, which is an online chat room which parses everything between $$'s in your message as TeX. It's perfect for talking to my friends when I need to use math equations. It seems to be exactly what you are looking for :)


You can try Pidgin (http://www.pidgin.im/) is an IM client for windows, MacOS and Linux. Then install this pidgin plugin: pidgintext


As far as I know, you do not need to host the actual image of the chart. On the contrary, you provide the chart parameters as a URL, it get created and hosted by Google, and you get shown the result. So all you have to do is add an image and set it's source to create the desired chart. Case in point: ...

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