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I'm afraid this is not possible. From this Google Article Transferring Google Checkout Accounts Currently, its not possible to transfer a Google Checkout account to a different account with Google. To take advantage of the benefits of Google Checkout, we strongly recommend that you create only one account so that your information is ...


Yes, in beta: From the page: The ability to process recurring charges or subscriptions using our API is currently available in beta. Subscriptions will allow you to charge customers on a regular basis with out additional input from your customer. If you'd like to implement this ...


At this time Canada is a supported location according to Supported locations for developer & merchant registration for Google Play Developer Registration Merchant Registration


I've got an answer from Google support about this, and it is "Currently impossible". Here is what they said: The reason you see limited options in your Android related seller account as opposed to a Classic Google Checkout account is because Android-only merchants have a custom suite of features in their merchant account which are only related to ...

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