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I'll just add this as answer so you can see the picture. If you have syncing issues then you can try this Clicking the google drive in task bar Click the settings (The 3 horizontal dots) Then you can see something like re-sync This is the picture of google drive if you don't have any syncing issues, but if you have one then it will show resync.


I found it beneficial to investigate whether or not the computer's security software is a factor. For me, Kaspersky automatically updated in such a way that inhibited my ability to edit in Google docs. It was the result of an 'encrypted connection scanning' issue. This site was helpful: ...


There is Gmail option under the left hand menu in Inbox, which can be accessed using the hamburger in the top left. Once in Gmail you can enable it per this answer.


This makes no sense at all, but somehow the Chrome LastPass extension is triggering the spam filter. I tested this by opening an incognito window and performing the identical edit, which succeeded. After that, I disabled all plugins and enabled them until I found the culprit. I guess I'll have to temporarily disable LastPass whenever I edit Wikipedia ...

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