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This is a job for regexreplace. Suppose A1 contains the text Membership and Volunteer Crew - do you like getting to know lots of new people? | Sauna Crew - Spend time sweating and supervising our sauna activity. | Crafters Crew - find and invite and present regional Crafts People at R&S and help them present workshops to our audience. Put the ...


Surely CTRL + F works. Find and replace. Search for - replace with ::: Search for | replace with ::: alternatively a formula would work. =SUBSTITUTE(A1,"-",":::") =SUBSTITUTE(A1,"|",":::") The first replaces the - The second replaces any | IT assumes your data is in A1 and can be dragged down


Some times it would have that problem,you can turned off this setting that you can keep Gmail from adding just anybody to your contacts.


Must I add that address as a contact before Gmail can search it? It would seem so. You've probably turned off this setting, in order to keep Gmail from adding just anybody to your contacts. According to Gmail Support When you type an address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field of a message you're composing, Gmail will suggest addresses from your ...


Also the twitter app uploads all your contact numbers to the account and finds and suggests new people on twitter based on that too. I logged into my twitter and removed all imported contacts.


Only thing you can do is to change the name of the person in your contact according to his google+ profile name. That's how he will not appear twice in your contact list.


In the side menu click More → Leave the Contacts preview you will be taken to old Google contacts.

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