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I use Outlook 2013 mostly and this problem doesn't exist there. Hover the cursor over a From address and a floating dialog presents you with a "new email" button. If you can use Outlook, set gmail up as IMAP. That would be my first choice. Other local mail clients may have similar features built into their GUI and can also be configured to use gmail with ...


I have a workaround for this: Create a new group called 'Search' To add group A to your search Click on group A Select all contacts Click on the Groups button Check 'Search' Click 'Apply' To remove group B from your search: Click on group B Select all contacts Click on the Groups button Uncheck 'Search' Click 'Apply' With these basic operations you ...


You have to insert the respective contact several times, for each email address. If you insert the contact by hand (i.e. by writing the name of the contact in the To/Cc/Bcc box), if the respective contact has more addresses, the list of addresses will be displayed and you can choose the one you want. For the second one, start writing the name again and ...


No, you can’t at the moment. To manage your contacts you have to use Google Contacts, at https://www.google.com/contacts. On Android: Manage contacts If you sync your Google Contacts, you can add, edit, and delete contacts using the People or Contacts app on your phone. Just make sure your contact is stored as a "Google Contact" when you add or ...


I use FullContact. It "combines" your contacts from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc. into a "unified" contact list and it send all data back to Google.


once i found the place on the map i then copy the name and go to the pone and search my contacts for the name. Google will then use google to search by name when its not in your phone book. from there you can add the contact. still should be something you can do from the map. Fail at google.

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