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I faced this problem too, and I didn't want to add any extension to my Google Docs account. I found , an online code syntax highlighter, you just past your code and can chose between different styles. I personally use the style "Dawn", then past the output in a tab in the doc, remove the borders and set a background to this tab....


I am afraid that is not possible by downloading the "images" since these are not "actual" images but dynamically generated visual representations. Workaround You "tried downloading the CSV file", which means you would be getting a static "image". In that case, your easiest working alternative would be to use a screen-capture application/addon to capture a ...


Keyboard shortcut Use Ctrl-Down to move to the last filled entry in the column with hours. More precisely, Ctrl-Down moves down to the next cell that either begins or ends a group of filled cells. If you do not have any blanks between filled-in cells, it goes to the last one. From there, pressing Down arrow again brings you to the cell waiting to be filled. ...


This is not possible. A sheet of a Google Spreadsheet contains either a grid with data and formulas, or a chart that was placed on its own sheet. It cannot contain a document.


Right click/Open With /Google Docs does convert pdf (and it is new to my knowledge jpg) files into Google Documents. ;) Caution: - If I was you I will keep a copy of my original files somewhere else before deleting them from Google Drive. - I would also check the results of different kind of pdf files to be converted into google docs (pdf with images only, ...


Despite mimicking some of the LaTeX syntax, Google Document Equation Editor is still WYSIWYG: changes to an equation happen immediately in response to key presses, there is no compilation stage. In particular, there are no { } for grouping: you control the placement of characters visually. Think of entering "\frac " as equivalent to clicking a button for "...


You seem to be missing the bottom section of this from Bookends original: } var rangeBuilder = doc.newRange(); rangeBuilder.addElement(table); doc.addNamedRange('embeddedSheet-range',; }


If the paragraph isn't too large, and if it has a small break in it such as if you're naming off things you can try Shift+Enter instead of a full break with simply Enter. On this forum post its not visible, but give it a try on your docs. Example: (Shift+Enter) Text Stoof If the paragraph goes 1/3rd into the next page however, I've noticed it tends to just ...


Files > Page setup... then choose "Page color".

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