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yes it is possible in google docs.. have a look at this:


They say that you cannot. But, you can work it around to some extent -- comments! Yes, you can comment the 'hyperlink' and click it to show up the hidden text on the margins.


The easiest way is to change your proofing language is to set it under File menu. In this case you'll use the same document, without translation. You can pick the spelling checker of your choice (even dialects like Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch) that Google supports.


You can use one of the sheets' templates available on Google Drive. Usually are configurated for Avery labels. Examples (you need to be logged in with a Google account):


A document will only open in Suggesting or View mode when it has been shared with a collaborator using those permissions. If you are the owner of the document, or if you are a collaborator with Edit permissions then you will need to manually change those settings each time you open the document.


I haven't tried this, but I was having a problem with a word document that I had imported into Google as a Google doc. The imported 'paragraphs' were stuck together generating large blank white space in my Google doc. I fixed the problem by reformatting as normal text. However, this suggests a workaround. Use word to create you 'kept together text' and bring ...


As of this writing, to change the Language setting of a Google Doc, go to File > Language. In that menu, you can select a language such as "English (United States)" to get the spell checker to recognize English words.


Open a document in Google Docs. The document can be either an existing document or a new document. Select File -> Page setup... to open the Page setup window. Under the Page color heading select a page color from the dropdown menu. Click the Set as default button. Click the OK button.

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