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You're sharing storage amongst Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Go to the web interface and hover your mouse pointer and you'll get a breakdown of what's using your storage: Click the link and you'll get some more details: As you can see, this matches up with what the Google Drive app is reporting:


At the top of Tools > Preferences:


A filing cabinet on Google Sites may work. (Disclaimer: I haven't tested it, don't know it's subject to teh same issue that Drive apparently has - but I know that if you simply upload a new file with the same name, the URL is the same.)


I don't have an account to confirm, but try clicking on the google square buttons top right of the page after you log in. Is there a way there to add the Admin console? Looking at their help page, it looks like there should be. "Find your own apps in the grid" on the link https://support.google.com/a/answer/182076?hl=en


This solution works with standard Google files, and with Google Drive desktop web view: In your organization account, select the files that you want to copy, click "Share", and give view or edit permissions to your personal account. Then enter to your personal account, go to "Activity", and in the files you want to copy click on "More actions (the button ...


I had the very same problem. This worked for me: I am admin of groups A and B of google accounts. Groups have some privileges on some folders. I add Bob to group B. Bob gains all privileges that group B has. THEN Bob logs in Drive. He must search for the most rooted folder that group B has some privilege on. To do the search, search bar at top is used, the ...

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