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You should be using a pivot table (select A:O, Data > Pivot table report... and add fields of your choice). Maybe Primary Attendee in Rows, Month in Columns, Fee in Values and State in Filter - but the options are almost limitless (that's the power of a pivot table).


Yes, it is possible. First, Change the directory permission to public in which your mp3 files reside. Copy the folder Id, that will be at the end of url when you are inside the directory. It will be something like this 0C2QKl-TsV6cVTE7wbWNOelRiRlk Next you can access the mp3 files using ...


You might have to open up the spreadsheet where the results are stored, and make your own manual summary. I don't think that Forms automatic summary can cope with this in any way.


Including a question of type Date in New Sheets and checking include year results in something like this:

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