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Choose the question type as Text Click on Advanced settings Check Data Validation Choose Text Choose Email Address (optional) Type in a custom error message


The short answer is: You can't do that using Google's form builder. The longer answer is that you can copy the form's HTML code and host it on your own website. That HTML code may then be modified to have the button display any text you'd like. Copying and hosting the HTML code does have its drawbacks. If you edit the form from Google's form builder, the ...


Part of my answer would be: this is a known bug (newly received form submissions do not respect the format of the columns that they are landing in, as they did in the old version of sheets). Depending on what you are doing with the data afterwards, another option would be to reproduce the form submissions on another sheet, with the correct format. For ...


You need to use "Multiple choice" or "Choose from a list" and then check "Go to page based on answer". Now you need to create a page break and place your extra two options there (Add item > Page break). Then after each choice in the original page, you need to select the page you created. Therefore when the user selects that choice he will be redirected to ...

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