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Maybe set your first question as Multiple choice and check Go to page based on answer. Offer No with Continue to page 2 and Yes with Go to page 3, with the first question on page 3 being something like "Please provide details of your existing Dental school Program" and a Paragraph text Question Type.


Where it shows "Option 1" overwrite with text of your choice, and so on for any others:


One option is to use Google Forms validation tools - not as much control, but far easier than a script. They're under Advanced Settings for a text field. The picture below is looking for any 11-digit number, but you could make it more specific eg between 09000000000 and 100000000000.


According to Ted J 18/12/2013 the answer is: Currently, we can't time a quiz per se using Google Apps Script. However, you can do a few things like limit how many responses a Form can take or put a hard stop time on the Form. However, there is a free Add-on: I would envisage some inherent problems with any timer due to differences in download ...

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