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Essentially, you'll need a page for each client type that requires specific questions. In this example, I have three types (ninja, potato, elk). You'll make a page for each unique question(s)/client type paring. I made two pages. One for ninjas and one for potatoes. (elks can't type). You can see in the screenshot below that I checked the box that says Go ...


Yes, it's possible. To be able to edit a response it's required the edit response URL. At this time this link could be got by the respondents right after they submit a response. An alternative method requires the use of the Google Apps Script that could be used to add a menu to form editor to call a script to display the response links. For further ...


Wouldn't a more simple way of doing this be done using functions in the actual sheet? Up: =MROUND(A1+0.25;0.5) Down: =MROUND(A1-0.25;0.5) I would assume that having another column added to the spreadsheet that takes the Google Forms input and performs the rounding function on it, then use Apps Script to email the data would be easier than than trying to ...


Two more to try: =SUM(ArrayFormula(--regexmatch(split(D2,","), "Cotton|Calico"))) or =SUM(ArrayFormula(countif(D2, {"*Cotton*", "*Calico*"})))

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