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Your Google Form decides which column to store the data in - you do not control this. And the design you're aiming for (different weeks data in different columns) is likely to cause long term problems. But there is a better approach: In general, the first column in the sheet which it stores data in is labelled Timestamp, and contains the date/time when ...


Yes, it's possible. From Forms Service This service allows scripts to create, access, and modify Google Forms.


I do not think that Google Forms has any feature like that. One option might be to ask respondents for their email address (or some other identifier) and only to accept the first entry (ie the one with the minimum date/time) each day.


This is possible with a script. You'll need to choose a column in your spreadsheet in which the first submission time will be stored. Below, I suppose this is Column D (i.e., 4th column). When a form is submitted, the script checks whether the corresponding cell in the "first submission" column is empty. If it's empty, the timestamp is copied there. ...

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