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Correct - Google Forms utilizes Google Spreadsheets to store their data, so you are restricted to the limits imposed on Spreadsheets. EDIT: As Jacob pointed out, these limits only apply to old Google Spreadsheets. All limits have been removed in the new version. All spreadsheet limits mentioned above have been removed in the new version of Google ...


There is a Google Forms add-on called Form Values which at least offers a semi-automatic way: whenever you change your answers in the spreadsheet you need to manually re-populate the choices in your answer, but at least it's rather straightforward to do.


The link you still have, contains the ID of the form you created. Building the following URL will bring you to the original form in edit modus. https://docs.google.com/a/<yourdomainname>/forms/d/<yourformid>/edit If you select from the menu Responses(?) > View responses, then it will lead you to the corresponding Google Spreadsheet. Tried ...

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