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Under the title, beside the number of posts is a drop-down button (circle with down arrow). One of the options here is 'Email updates to me'. Is that what you're looking for?


Short answer If this happens only sometimes could be a glitch. Alternatives As consumer account users we could only post a question as a issue report to the Google Groups - Google Apps for Work Help Forum. As Google Apps for Work or similar account user you could ask the organization admin to submit a support ticket. If this happens always the group ...


Short answer Yes it's possible. It could be as simple as to train the group members to use Reply to all instead of Reply. How to use the built-in related features in Google Groups and Gmail Overall steps On the admin/group side [optional] As the admin of the Google Apps organization, enable Google Groups for Business for your organization. In the ...


If the group members list is large, then the group could not be expanded in Google Calendar1. One alternative is to do the following: Export the list of group members to a CSV file. Create a list only with the group members email addresses that you want to include in your email message. If the list is short, you could send them an email from your a ...

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