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As fair as I know, it's not possible. If the above isn't a deal breaker, instead of replying from the Google Groups web user interface, consider to reply from the group members own mailbox. The group members could: configure their membership settings to receive one email for each new message. set their mailboxes reply-to settings to point to the ...


To manage their membership settings, group members should use the web user interface. Reference My membership settings - Groups Help


At this time the group administrator could enable and allow certain users to enter free form tags, but no to block the use of tags. Tags Tags are special words used to associate topics with subject areas. Tags are created by administrators (or members with the "enter free form tags" permission) for the group and then applied by members to ...


You can't do what you're thinking in the "normal" (consumer) Gmail. (What you want is possible with Google Apps Email, but I assume that's not what you're talking about.) You can create a contact group in your Contacts that will make it easy to find and send email to multiple people, but ultimately it just adds all of their email addresses to the To: field. ...

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