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Good question, but I don't think there is currently a perfect answer to this. Google Maps doesn't know if one supermarket is more "actual" than another. What would be the criteria? Even if you wanted to draw up a list of "actual supermarkets" it would be very subjective. That's still what we do with options 2 and 3. Option 1 Search for a supermarket that ...


There is a graticule script at A demo and possible the latest graticule v3 script version are at Depending on your zoom level the latitude and longitude grid lines are drawn with more or less detail. There is another version ...


As of 06/18/2016: Google Maps has been updated. You can easily see your contributions just by going to in your favorite browser on the desktop.


As for me the best way to print maps this large is poster software. You can print it even on a4 printer.

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