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Only Google can explain, but an interesting comparison of maps from 2010 to 2016 shows fewer labels but more connecting roads, implying a need to present maps better on mobile devices:


Upper left menu icon, then click 3D to turn 3D off or on. When off, appears to be the satellite mode.


We can only speculate, but typically, computer generated maps follow a set of rules meant to prevent label overlap and prioritize specific information type depending on the zoom level. At the zoom level you are talking about, priority seem to be given to State names (you'll see they pretty much all are shown). Then the second priority is given to the large ...


Here is a Google search I did for restaurants near me: I clicked on the first one. You can see that it shows you images that people have taken nearby. As long as there's an address, there should be an image as pointed out below, with two round arrows. Here's a closeup. Once you click that image, it takes you to Street View:

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