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If you click the cog icon at the bottom, and then click "Share or embed map", you get a link. If you email the link to yourself (I know, sounds archaic) and open it on your phone, you can choose to open the directions in the Google maps app. The great thing about this method is it can transfer a custom route you made when dragging the route to make it go a ...


Photo's in Google Maps are not always tagged with the exact location. I can't even double click the photo to get to a location. When you search for "Worcester Boulevard Bridge, Christchurch" you come to a street and if you follow it to the water you come to this location: https://goo.gl/maps/BCt9X This is the location of the photo (although the building is ...


I found this video extremely helpful, the first part of it concerns your question. It shows you how you can plot a route on a map and then export it. The export will be in .kmz format but by changing the file extension to .zip and then unzipping it you will get the .kml file! ...


You can't search by a distance, all you can do in Google maps is "Search Nearby". Follow these instructions to do this: Open the new Google Maps. Search for a location. For example: your work address. Click the search box once. Click Search nearby. Type the category of places you want to search. For example: "coffee shops." Hit Enter. Source


If you are on web, on the top right corner next to your pic, you have a "Plus" button, click there and share it with yourself. This is how I saved a route with custom points I just made...


If you didn't do anything different it's probably just Google changing a few things around. It's possible the satellite icon was removed for a certain version and then added back later on in another update.


hamster - nice site! thanks for listing it! 5 sec solution tho :) : http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ upload your csv file AS-IS, don't need to remove other columns, etc. and it plots it on google maps for you......

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