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WalkJogRun lets you create map routes and set walking/running speed.


You can use this Chrome extension: Web Paint. Draw shapes, lines, and add text to the current webpage and take screenshot.


Click on the settings (gear icon) in the bottom right corner. You then get the option to "Share and embed map": This gives you the URL for the map (optionally shortened): More info... https://support.google.com/maps/answer/144361?p=newmaps_shorturl&rd=1


This is a real pain point for me too. I get around the issue by searching for directions between my desired location and a second location that is a suitable distance away. For example, instead of "Ocala, FL" try searching for "Ocala to Orlando" or even "Ocala to Miami". This does require some rudimentary geographical knowledge about the wider area you're ...


Click in the "Search" field. You should get a menu with a few of your recent searches, as well as an entry for "My maps". Click that and you'll get a list of your maps as well as a link to "See all your maps" which will open up the new "My Maps" tool. Alternatively, click the "gear" icon in the lower right and choose "My Places". (That's the old "My ...


You can work around this by setting the “start time” of your journey back a few minutes, so that Google’s more conservative estimate of walking speed will still put you at a further bus stop at an earlier moment in time.


You may simply concatenate destinations in the URL. For instance my original 10 destinations may be like this... ...

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