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If you are looking at "Your contributions" on the browser-based desktop version of Maps you would not find them. Google has not implemented them yet. You can only see that on apps.


Try going to Google maps then click on the hamburger menu. There should be a menu options labeled "Your contributions". From there you should be able to see what you have contributed and work out your points from there. Alternatively you could emulate an android device using Bluestacks.


This is currently a limitation that Google has not addressed. The ONLY way to view you points is via the mobile app under Menu -> Your Contributions. Per Google, please note that they say it may take up to 48 hours for new points to appear on your account.


According to the information here: http://google-latlong.blogspot.jp/2015/11/get-your-favorite-places-on-map-with_13.html Once you sign-up, download the latest Google Maps update on Android and iPhone to follow your progress on the new Contributions tab. Your total points, level, and to-do list—suggestions for places to contribute to—conveniently appear ...


Google+ lets you share your location to specific people or Circles. Google Support: Share your location You can control whether this happens through your Google+ Settings under "Location Sharing". Unfortunately, you'll need your Android device to add and remove people from being able to see your location. (You can remove people/Circles from sharing on the ...


I solved this problem: The Firefox add-on Ghostery (love it) was the cause. It has a whitelist option; just add the google.com URL and save.


Try this - looks like is built on Google anyhow, http://com-shi-va.lameva.barcelona.cat/en/bicycle

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