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Apparently (from here) if you zoom out (CTRL+-) when in full-screen mode the screen resolution is shared in higher quality. Zoom to something like 50%. I tried recording a screen-sharing video straight to YouTube using this method and it seemed to work. Don't forget to zoom back out when you're done (CTRL++).


What you have installed is the Chrome extension of the Hangouts App. It is a standalone window/app but it runs within the Chrome browser, therefore it opens everything in Chrome, just like a detached tab. You should try installing the plugin.


While video Hangouts for personal users is limited to 10 users, the current limit is 15 simultaneous users in Google Hangouts for Business Apps.


In some circumstances, Gmail may actually be responsible for this behaviour. According to this article: Gmail will automatically invite some contacts If there are other Gmail users whom you frequently email, you'll be able to chat and see each other online without having to send an invitation. It seems like in your circumstance, the criteria is likely ...

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