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Just now I checked, I will try to explain. It doesn't show the time you logged in Gmail, or hangouts or when you chatted with others It shows your friend ,when you have seen old messages/chatted with him. It shows you when that particular friend seen you...he might be there in hangouts forever, but last seen you (opened your window) a minute ago, ...


I had the same problem but your solution did not apply to my case. Instead, the following filter works for me: Matches: label:chats label:inbox Do this: Skip Inbox I had originally matched against "in:chats" and "in:inbox", but Gmail automatically converts those. Don't get concerned when a warning pops up when creating this filter. Filter ...


It is possible to have a video call with multiple participants and observers using Hangouts on Air. Hangouts on Air allows up to 10 participants and an unlimited number of observers. It also includes moderation tools such as a Q&A app. How do I invite my friends [who will be participants] before I broadcast? You'll be prompted to invite your ...


Hangouts videocall: it doesn't include moderation tools. Only allow participants. Hangouts on Air: it include moderation tools. Allow participants and viewers. References Start a video call on your computer - Hangouts Help Get started with Hangouts On Air - Google Plus Help

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