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When the feature was announced (http://googledrive.blogspot.com/2015/03/photosindrive.html) it indicated that new photos being uploaded would appear immediately, but that older photos would take longer: You’ll start seeing your photos in Drive today—immediately if they’re new, and a few weeks for your entire library—so give it a try, and let us know what ...


The +1's tab shows websites you have +1'd, not Google+ posts. The Buzz tab is a holdover from the long gone Google Buzz product. Currently there is no easy way to view the Google+ posts you have +1'd or commented on.


While I don't believe there is a tool built in to Google+ you could use Google's Picasa product to link your account and use it's tools to do this. To do this download picasa and Link it to your google account (upper right corner). This should allow you to sync your web based albums, then just follow the below directions: Go to the File Menu -> Import ...

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