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Proposed by an anonymous user, as a suggested edit to the accepted answer: Setting up Albums and generating the code to embed them in a web site is made unnecessarily complicated by Google. They really should make this more intuitive. Below are detailed instructions for how I learned (the hard way) to do it. CREATE A NEW ALBUM IN GOOGLE+ PHOTOS In ...


I don't know that there is a place to see all of your G+ activity. Obviously the "Posts" section of your profile shows all of the posts that you have made. Another spot is the recently added "Mentions". It shows posts where your name has been used via +Your Name. Your +1s show the various links around the web you've "plus oned". Reviews shows the places ...


I see three different methods: click your profile icon in the upper right, then click "Profile" pull down the menu in the upper left (defaults to "Home") and click "Profile" point your browser to https://plus.google.com/me


Your automatically backed up photos are private unless you choose to share them. Back up photos & videos automatically


It works! After deactivating my old account and waiting about 2-3 weeks, I was issued my old custom URL for my new account. So I just wanted to follow up with this comment in case someone else is wanting to do the same thing, I can verify that it works, it just takes some time for it to be purged through their system.

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