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Set up your G+ personal rofile. Then set up a Google+ Page. Then give that Page its own password, and after that only log in as the Page, not as your personal profile. The Page has practically the full G+ account functionality. Google knows what human being it is tied to, but that's all. The profile that's displayed is always the page's profile.


Yes, you can use Picasa Web Albums without Google+. Currently what happens is that when you try to go to Picasa Web Albums, you are redirected to Google+ Photos, but there you are given an option to go back to Picasa Web Albums: Clicking on the link takes you here. You can directly bookmark this link to directly goto Picasa Web Albums each time.


You pretty much can’t. Not at the moment anyway. Your custom URL can’t be changed. It will be preassigned based on things like your name or the name of your linked website. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make it unique to you. Source.

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