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There is an easy way to delete each individual photo. Open up your Google+ Profile. Click on your profile photo to open the photo slider. Move your mouse around. Click the trash can that appears in the slider's upper right hand corner. This method deletes the little photo icon options in your Gmail as well.


You can also find your +1 activity in your activity log:


The Google +1 Button extension disables itself on HTTPS sites that have query params (?foo=bar). Today, we’ve removed functionality from the button when you visit https sites with query parameters. This means the +1 button will be grayed out and be unclickable when you visit sites that (a) start with “https://”, and (b) contain the characters “?” or “;” ...


The trick is that you need to use the "includes these words" input box for the circle filter. Full directions below, or skip to #4 if you are at the filter creation popup screen. Go to the Gmail 'Settings' menu Click the "Filters and Blocked Addresses Tab" Scroll to the bottom and click "Create a new filter" In the "includes these words" box, put in the ...


I could not make it work. The best I could do is make a shared album with setting Sharing Options/Share Album ON, and I inserted the Share Link in my post. Not 100% but better than nothing.

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