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This is only a partial solution but it could be the best we can do with G+ today: Partition the G+ accounts you follow into circles read1 (first priority), read2 (second priority), read3, ... as many as you want. Put all the "WOA Animal" community into the final circle, we'll call it readBewareOfAnimals. Expand Circle Streams in the left column, click on ...


I guess that image you are trying to upload from your device or from Google Photos is not in a compatible format or size to use as a cover photo. If you think you are using correct image, just give a try with another browser or clear the cache of you current browser and try to change cover photo again. Here is a non official site which explain the size of ...


Kindly delete cookies from your browser, then the picture will changed. I have tried it.


I also had the same problem. Then I discovered randomly, that after I have switched to the new Google Plus, and soon after having reversed to the old Plus... whoo-hoo! The circles just appeared again, in such a way arranged that could be rearranged - and was as simply as to hold one of them and drag and drop to the desired position.

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