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Only thing you can do is to change the name of the person in your contact according to his google+ profile name. That's how he will not appear twice in your contact list.


You can sort by album title in Picasa Web Albums which shows the same photos/albums as Google+


Google+ does not support repeating events. This is the currently offered date/time options for events.


Generally, if you want to have a link from a video that was automatically backed up, you have to share it first on Google+. That'll give you a link you can use. If you want to upload the video to YouTube, you can either upload it directly to YouTube (by having a local copy), or you can import the video directly to YouTube according to the tutorial here.


There's not much you can do if it simply scraped the publicly available information from Google+. All you can really do is hope the owners of that site (which is not a Google site) are honest and remove your information and change your G+ profile so less information is shared with the world to prevent this sort of thing in the future. One outside chance ...


Have you tried the Google Account Recovery process? Please click here.

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