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At this time right click shows a context menu that include paste as an option. Just do right click over an editable area in a document, spreadsheet or presentation.


Can't see it in G-Slides, but in PPT it is possible to pull up a side menu that shows all of the objects on a slide (mostly for animation purposes) but from memory that allows you to select the "working" object for any editting task. The "move to background" idea means shifting the biggest shape to the back-most layer in the graphic (if you move it to the ...


As I always say Google has a long way to go before it can compare to certain applications for example Google slides, there are so many other and better applications to use but to answer your question: Yes and no . Something's you can try to do would be: Click box1 and click move back or move to background. This will then allow you to click box2 or box3 ...

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