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This is the recommended method: Open your Slides file Click File, then Print settings and preview Click One slide without notes and choose how you would like to print. I don't have notes that are terribly long, so I don't know if they are cut off if the notes exceed a single page.


The correct parameter is &start=73, not t.


At this time, Google Slides doesn't include any search input or function that can be inserted on a slide but it's very likely that could be possible by using the recently announced Google Slides API.


No need to download any additional software if you have Adobe Acrobat, simply... Save your presentation to pdf: File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf) Open the PDF in Acrobat and then: File > Export To > Image > (Choose prefered file format) It will automatically start creating each slide as its own image inside the directory you have the PDF saved in.

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