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Source: Search Operators link: The query link:URL shows pages that point to that URL. For example, to find pages that point to Google Guide’s home page, enter: link:www.googleguide.com Note: According to Google’s documentation, “you cannot combine a link: search with a regular keyword search.” Also note that when you combine ...


You can see your history at https://history.google.com/history/ , and you can remove items but apparently your search history is not available from Google Takeout. So, right now there is no official way to download your search history.


This seems to be an issue with your language settings. Notice how the Google interface is in Flemish (Afbeeldingen, Nieuws, ...) using your private account, but in English (Images, News, ...) using the work account. I can reproduce this behaviour. You can set your account language to English, if you'd like. Using your private account: Go to ...


If you search in Google Images just with the keyword "Nirvana" it will suggest some related queries, among them "Nirvana Buddhism" I have clicked that and all of the results are related to Buddhism. note: remove "wallpaper" or Google won't autosuggest anything.


Up until recently Googlebot didn't even capture JavaScript or CSS content. Earlier this year Googlebot started looking at JavaScript in order to render a page more like a user sitting at a browser. Webmaster Central Blog: Understanding web pages better But from what I understand, it's still not looking at the underlying code; just what is actually rendered ...


It seems that almost no one has understood the ops question. He is not asking how to use "+=" as part of a Google search. He is asking how he might search for the definition of "+=" in a search engine that largely ignores special characters. @ChrisF, you need to first understand what you're searching on in order to better phrase your query. "+=" is a ...

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