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Rubén and infrcl have good answers. Here is one way you can sort by date, using Search Query Parameters. Assume you want the last two years sorted by date. Search for your term, just to get a URL to work with Append &tbs=qdr:y2,sbd:1 to your URL and go tbs: It is a param that is like a container for params.Defines specific structure, such as ...


Doesn't appear to be an option in preferences. You can bookmark this URL to search the past month You can bookmark this URL to search the past year


I and many others have found the plugins don't work but you can create your own blocklist using a browser's native functions. Eg. in Chrome, open Settings and click on Manage Search Engines. Scroll down to the bottom and add a new search engine. You'll have to add a duplicate google (call it whatever you like) and make that your default search engine ...


This type of thing, where 3rd party search results get indexed, is something that Google actively tries to avoid. Since, as you have found, it gives a bad user experience. It's not really a "false-positive", since it is a page containing the keywords/phrase that you searched for. It's just a low quality result and not really what you had in mind. In the ...


You could simply filter out the results from all top level domains, e.g.: "Axis Video Server" inurl:indexFrame.shtml ...


Addon for Firefox: Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search


A Google employee pointed out that you can search from an empty results page and not see any Doodles: It works for me on my phone, where I can't use Adblock etc. (It's bizarre how Google's original page was specifically designed to not have any crud like this, and now they go out of their way to force it on us.)

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