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Found this while searching for a simple little plugin I had installed in Safari (as far as I call recall) on my previous Mac. In case someone is still looking, it is now a browser extension on Chrome, called Copy Real URL and on Firefox, called… yeah Copy Real URL. Yet I am still looking for a Safari version!


you can generate a longer google autocomplete by typing in your query here: http://www.keywordtooldominator.com/k/google-autocomplete-keyword-tool


I've made a custom search parameter, works well. Steps follow: Go to your Chrome settings Under Search, click on Manage search engines Scroll to the bottom, fill Add a new search engine and Keyword with whatever you want Fill the URL field with https://encrypted.google.com/webhp?hl=en&gl=en#safe=active&hl=en&gl=en&q=%s Press Done Go back to ...


I think the clues are in the article from Search Engine Land: If you have one of the apps above installed, Google will jump you from its search results on Android into them. The apps "above" are currently: Chimani Daily Horoscope Gormey Hotel Tonight My Horoscope New York Subway Useful Knots Visual Anatomy Free Weather Channel ...


Google can roll a six-sided die, fyi. Using Google voice search: "OK Google roll a die" Using Google search box: "roll a die"


I already use disconnect in the Chromium omnibox with this setting \https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&search_plus_one=popup, already have disconnect installed. But I guess this is a browser-independent 'API' call. The search term is in the query parameter. Should be what you're looking for - ...


I solved this by switching to an equivalent service by another search engine. While the formula given in the question often works, Google will sometimes chicken out and go to a regular search results page rather than going directly to the top hit. DuckDuckGo never chickens out. It always goes to the top hit. Therefore I am using DuckDuckGo for this ...

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