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No you can't If you turn on Google Voice text messages in Hangouts, they'll only be available in Hangouts and not in Google Voice. Only old text messages before you turned this feature on will be available in Google Voice. From Google Voice Help


So set up a Google Voice number just for your mom, and have the first 3 numbers be the same area code as her's. Then use that Google Voice number when you call her. I know. Unnecessarily complicated. But maybe it will work. My GV no. uses my mother's area code, but I set it up that way orginally. Haven't been charged yet. Worth a try if you want to mess ...


From within Gmail, click the arrow next to your name in 'hangouts' (look for your name on the bottom of the list on the left under the 'compose' button). Uncheck "Ring on incoming phone calls".


In the app settings, go to "Sync and notifications" Under the Notifications heading, there's an option for "Receive text messages" Select "Via the Google Voice app" That worked for me.

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