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You can use advanced search in google, and provide the Last Updated field as "Past year". Alternatively, you can use "Search Tools" Hope, that will help.


As I know, logging into Google does not give sync permission to the browser unless you sign in to "Google Chrome" which you may be prompted for, when opening Google Chrome browser. So pay attention if you are prompted for such a thing. Also on a public machine, I recommend using Incognito mode for Chrome (by pressing CTRL+Shift+n) and Private Browsing mode ...


Google uses a proprietary format called “kix”, which was introduced with the then new editor a few years ago. The basic structure of a kix file isn't comparable to structured markup (like docx which is basically a zipped collection of XML files holding content and styles) but rather like a data file which starts with the textual content followed by styling ...


https://developers.google.com/admin-sdk/email-audit/ The Google Apps Email Audit API allows Google Apps administrators to audit a user's email, email drafts, and archived chats. In addition, a domain administrator can retrieve account login information and download a user's mailbox.


Try something like this: filetype:mp4 Or: -inurl:(htm|html|php) in title:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(mp4|avi|mkv) "name_of_what_I_am_looking_for" Where you can put whatever other extension you are looking for instead of +(mp4|avi|mkv), like this: just mp4: +mp4 some other formats: +(m4v|mov)


I was able to work around this by turning on 2-step verification, setting up app passwords, then turning 2-step verification back off. When you turn it off, it asks if you want to clear verification data. I said no; I don't know whether that matters. After turning it off, the app passwords link is still available, and my applications still login fine.


You can use this IFTTT recipe to automatically copy new events from one calendar to another.

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