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Below link shows how to send feedback for Google's product: Help improve Google’s products . If you want to send the feedback to the Google photos team click on below link: Welcome to the Photos Help Center. Or you can join Google Photos Help Community to start a discussion. You will get expert comments here.


AFAIK there isn't a way to export/download stored passwords yet. References Manage saved passwords from the web - Accounts Help Sync passwords across your devices - Accounts Help Manage saved passwords - Chrome Help


If you didn't find a good solution yet, for the Drive part - you can try Cloudsfer.com. Cloudsfer is a web service for content migration between clouds and can migrate your files between the two Drive accounts disclosure - I'm part of the Cloudsfer team


Groups in the Gmail contact manager are not the same than Google Groups. The groups in the Gmail contact manager will always change the group name to the list of the group members email addresses, by the other hand, Google Groups will always show the email address when it's included in TO or CC. Ask you domain administrator to create a group in the ...

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