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Authenticator works even when you don't have any sort of network available for your smartphone. I don't know about your mobile provider, but I don't trust mine to deliver SMS messages in anything that resembles a timely manner. Beyond that, it is more secure, as you've noted.


This seems to be an issue with your language settings. Notice how the Google interface is in Flemish (Afbeeldingen, Nieuws, ...) using your private account, but in English (Images, News, ...) using the work account. I can reproduce this behaviour. You can set your account language to English, if you'd like. Using your private account: Go to ...


Zapier has a recipe that can do this. I've just set it up and tested it and it seems to work well. It creates a new Facebook Page Event when a new Google Calendar entry is created. So far, I've only got it triggering when a new event is created in G Cal, but it might be possible to get it to go through the G Cal diary and transfer existing events. Recipe ...

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