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Movie showtimes can now be accessed from the main page, so they may be phasing out the dedicated movie page. Example:


Just sign out from your Gmail account and then login only that one which you want to work with. The account association is showing through the browser.


That looks like the mobile version of Google Search. Testing it on my desktop I get the usual white background: However searching on iPad with Chrome or with Safari I get what you have shown, with the grey spaces in between. I can also confirm that with an Android phone you get the grey spaces. As a fix, but it's not a great one because it breaks the ...


A "locked" topic simply means that a topic can no longer be replied to/answered. "Locking" a topic is a Moderator action. From Groups Help: Permissions, "Lock Topics" is a permission that Moderators have: Lock Topics A person with this permission can lock or unlock a topic. This suggests that it's a policy decision by the Moderators of the Product ...

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