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Hide your birthday from your profile: Add or change your birthday on Google+ Nothing prevents your friends manually recording your birthday in their own Google Contacts and viewing it in Calendar.


I spoke with Google Support about this today. It is expected behavior and you have to set this permission on other folders. It may be possible to push these permissions using a script / drive API, however any new folders would not have that permission and the script would have to be re-run on a regular basis. Personally I would prefer that the permission ...


The only decision to make here was to delete my Instagram profile. You cannot prevent even your private instagram profile from Google Search because Facebook pings the profile to Google. Similarly, I had to remove my Spotify account because I had once connected it to Facebook, but Facebook never let's you go if you have done even it once. Similarly, I did ...


To make the birthday of yours to be limited, (i) Go to Google plus and then click on the wheel icon on the top and then chose Profile. (ii)Now click edit under the basic information label listed under the about column. (iii) Under the Birthday,you can set the view as only you so that it wont be listed under other Google calendar.


Gmail is “free” because you are tracked by Google for their data/marketing purposes and are automatically signed into everything else as a result. Hate to break the news to you but when you sign into Google it is not for one specific service; that is just a “carrot on a stick” to get you to login. The beginning, middle and end goal of Google’s “free” ...


You could use Google My Maps to generate a map with directions then save it to Google Drive and share it like a file.

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