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Using either an Incognito window in the Chrome browser or Guest mode on a Chromebook will erase all cached data when you close the last tab. This includes your authorization or sign-in cookie. When using these modes it won't matter if "Stay signed in" is checked or not. You won't be logged in next time you open an Incognito window. If you are using another ...


Keyboard shortcut Use Ctrl-Down to move to the last filled entry in the column with hours. More precisely, Ctrl-Down moves down to the next cell that either begins or ends a group of filled cells. If you do not have any blanks between filled-in cells, it goes to the last one. From there, pressing Down arrow again brings you to the cell waiting to be filled. ...


Even to activate the Authenticator, first you need to complete SMS/Voice setup. Then, follow the directions for your type of device explained on Google Help page for 2-Step Verification. Read this Make Your Email Hacker Proof for more understanding.


Here is a Google search I did for restaurants near me: I clicked on the first one. You can see that it shows you images that people have taken nearby. As long as there's an address, there should be an image as pointed out below, with two round arrows. Here's a closeup. Once you click that image, it takes you to Street View:


As of mid-2016, this service is still around, but now it redirects from to For instance, (If you ...


From what I have read, personally identifiable information (your account name/email) is not logged but a cookie, which does identify you to Google is. This is deleted from the log after 18 months. This is from old information. The current TOS and Privacy Policy are extremely vague. Would be interested to hear from anyone else.


Yes. U can monetize after 3 months if your account is in "good standing".


You cannot hinder or remove followers, but if you never post anything to them, they will never see anything. The only things they will ever see is what you post public, and what you post explicitly to them. They have no different standing than anyone else in the world, it just would give them a ping if you post something to them. So you shouldn't worry ...


The "Account upgrade" screen is something that Google+ put onto accounts about a year ago. It is asking if you wish to upgrade from the old Google+ screen layout to the new layout. To paraphrase, it is not asking "Do you wish to have a Google+ account?", just "Do you want the new display for your existing Google+ account?". Go past that screen, look at ...

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