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You have to create two subgroups for a group, one with prefix TO and another with CC's. Go to Compose mail, in the To text field, write the first few letters of your group's name (e.g. TO AGM or CC GM). As you type, you'll see the group in the list of auto-complete suggestions. Click the group to add it as a recipient of your email. Follow step 2 for CC ...


Currently (November 2015), the web player does not support gapless playback, as frustrating as it may be. However, Google has been gradually adding such a feature to different players, so it may only be a matter of time. (It also may help that many people have been asking for gapless playback on the web.) Just two months ago, gapless playback was added to ...


There is Gmail option under the left hand menu in Inbox, which can be accessed using the hamburger in the top left. Once in Gmail you can enable it per this answer.


For Google Apps users: the administrator can sign in to https://admin.google.com/ and navigate to Apps > Google Apps > Drive > Transfer Ownership. This operation keeps the files accessible to both users but recursively changes ownership of every file/folder from UserA to UserB. Google - Transfer ownership of Drive documents


No, it's not possible. Instead, submit one answer for each respondent in order to get one edit URL by each of them, then send the corresponding URL to each respondent. Below is a code snippet that programmatically submits a response and log some response attributes including the edit response url by two methods, the first one has an issue, the second one ...


Google keeps changing their interface. As of November 2015, the steps are: Go to https://myaccount.google.com Click on "Connected apps & sites" Click on "Manage apps" to revoke permissions


I also liked James Pearson's tech cogitation blog entry "Folders as a workaround for Google form attachments" Using his script once a form is submitted a new folder is created and a link to this folder is sent via email to the person who submitted the form.

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