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It should be available in your data tools, but I can't confirm because I don't track history. Account - data tools - download data goggles


You can generates 2-step verification codes on your phone with Google Authenticator App. So download the app, enter to Gmail, write your Google code, and then Gmail will ask you to enter a verification code, generate one in the app and enter it to Gmail. (After you enter to your Gmail, or any other Google service, enter your security settings and change ...


You can use define for searching any term in Google by using this syntax: define:abc. Here “abc” is a term.


It depends on what you mean by “Google Fonts”. As fonts, they do not depend on CSS3, or CSS at all; you can download them and install them and use them. As a technique of using “web fonts” or “downloadable fonts”, they use the @font-face declaration defined in CSS Fonts Module Level 3, which is commonly regarded as part of CSS3, which is as such just a vague ...


Google Calendar does not provide a way to merge the same event that appears in multiple calendars, and Google has been blatantly ignoring requests to do so dating as far back as 2009 The only solution might be to use a Chrome extension, gcal-multi-event-merge**, which unfortunately doesn't work in the monthly view. For the 1 and 4-day views, and for the ...


There is currently no way to do this via the Gmail web app itself. "Delayed/scheduled send" is a popular feature request for Gmail, so this may change in the future. Boomerang is a popular 3rd party tool that can send scheduled or recurring emails.


If you open the doc and comment from an incognito tab, the comment will post anonymously. To open an incognito tab, type Ctrl+Shift+N (windows, linux, chrome OS) or ⌘-Shift-N (Mac).

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