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Yes, you can. Go to your account Under Sign-in & security, go to Signing in to Google Go to 2-Step Verification Under Backup options for when your primary is unavailable Click Add a phone number To use it, when you login, click Try another way to sign in under the code box. You will be presented with a list of options where you will find the second ...


In Google Sheets, you need to wrap small in arrayformula so it produces an array: =average(arrayformula(small(D2:BD2, {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}))) There is an alternative solution, which is shorter and scales better if you will need 100 smallest instead of 10 smallest numbers: =average(array_constrain(sort(D2:BD2), 10, 10)) Here, sort sorts the array in ...


Here is a script that does the following: if a user enters 'DONE' in any cell in sheet named 'Sheet1', the row with that cell is copied over to Sheet2, and deleted from Sheet1. To use, just enter in Tools > Script Editor, and change sheet names if needed. The script does not check that 'DONE' is in the last nonempty cell of a row: it can be anywhere. ...


Start by going to instead of ref:


Google will be resampling the image using a higher level of compression (which your stats don't show). The quality of the image is likely to decrease slightly, although whether this is noticeable to most people is another matter. The "quality" (a scale of 1 lowest to 100 highest) factor is part of the JPEG algorithm. Reducing the "quality" increases the ...


You can try and set gmail to redirect to inbox in the inbox's definitions panel /Other

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