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Organize your inbox by placing "+" in your email address. Any emails sent to the email address will be received by, because Gmail ignores the "+" and anything after it. However, this "+webapps" is searchable in Gmail. Using this, it is possible to set up filters to automatically sort emails based on the address ...


After much hunting and Googling I found the answer on tripadvisor's site: How to alert us when a listing is incorrect If you are a TripAdvisor member and you notice that a hotel or attraction listing is in the wrong town or pinned incorrectly on the map, you'll need to e-mail us. (emphasis mine)


Most of these features aren't exactly hidden, but has a Bing cheatsheet. Some notable ones: Add prefer: to a keyword to place more importance on results having it. Use brackets to specify more complicated conditions: malware or (virus and computer) Add intitle: to a keyword to require results to have a word in the title.


If you use Chrome: You can press Ctrl + Shift + V to paste non formatted text into the Gmail message box. Saves time rather then what I used to do is open notepad, paste there, recopy, then paste into Gmail.

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