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The referred site use JavaScript to load several tables from other files after the user click on the "All Reports" link. The solution is to find the source file of the desired table and use its URL instead of the one considered in first place.


You need to use the client side API. You will need to use that anyway, in order to send the form data, unless you are using a HTTPS GET or POST request to send the data somewhere. Apps Script documentation -


If you're trying to grab data that's stored in a list or table, you should use =ImportHTML(URL,Type,Index). Where Type is "List" or "Table" and index is which # table/list you want to import. Documentation:


The following setup returns the price: A1: A2: (//div[@itemprop='price'])[1] A3 Formula: =CONCATENATE(IMPORTXML(A1,A2)) A3 Result: $2.35

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