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You need to edit your theme and add the code responsible for including notes. For the standard display, add {PostNotes} in the block responsible for displaying a single post, e.g. in {block:Posts} … {/block:Posts}.


Google uses a proprietary format called “kix”, which was introduced with the then new editor a few years ago. The basic structure of a kix file isn't comparable to structured markup (like docx which is basically a zipped collection of XML files holding content and styles) but rather like a data file which starts with the textual content followed by styling ...


For Outlook, you can use Bells & Whistles for Outlook


You need to switch the default text editor being used to adjust the HTML code from Rich Text to Plain Text/HTML in Account → Preferences → Text-editor. The rich text editor apparently changes some of the tags such as <embed>, <table> etc to <p> tags automatically. The plain text editor comes with HTML editing enabled by default.

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