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Chris Putnam is a software engineer at Facebook. Here is his blog and here is an interview with the guy. I don't know why he merited an easter-egg emoticon over other potential candidates. I'm not sure there has to be a reason. In 2006, Chris Putnam hacked Facebook, changing thousands of profiles to a MySpace style. He was then hired by Facebook.


As stated already, Chris Putnam works for Facebook and no doubt put the :putnam: smiley in there as a little Easter Egg. I think the idea for the :putnam: smiley is to use it when mentioning an iconic figure or an extremely intelligent / successful person. This probably stems from how Chris Putnam got the job at Facebook. He hacked in to Facebook profile ...


If there is no way in the settings then there is really not much else you can do about it. If you want to make a suggestion to yahoo they have a suggestions board here: Yahoo Suggestions Board


It means that someone has added a description to the card


The icons you're referring to indicate the "visibility" of the board (or organization) (green dot) means the board (or organization) is "Public". It is visible to anyone (even people without Trello accounts) ("two people") means the board is visible only to members of the organization that the board belongs to. (lock) means that the board (or ...


There is no official way to add/remove columns from the reading panes lists. That particular column sorts the mails by read/unread. Your only option is to find a custom script that removes the respective icons or the column entirely.


ConvertICO.org can do it. Select the input file, then select the output icon type with Custom Dimensions (Multi-size in one icon) setting, and finally click Convert button. Now you can download your multi-size icon file.


You should try IconFinder. Its free but you can also buy icons so that others can not use that icon. Hope this helps.


Oops I found it, there are many websites that provide it, here is an example.


Simple answer: No. Expanded answer: The very nature of Trello is to be an organizational system. The main board is the overview that lets you quickly see the general status/information about any task/assignment/etc. The badges and colored labels are intentional to be visible markers for each card's individual status. This means that if you remove these ...


The best one that comes to my mind is Iconfinder, but it isn't specifically targeted to applications icons. Otherwise, you might be better with a custom skins app.


Also, try iStockphoto, put "icon" in the search field. You find there as well 3D images,(you can restrict to only have vectorial results, but I'd look in normal raster, as well..) high quality images, etc. They don't let just any thing to be uploaded: there is a quality control. In some cases you might prefer just purchase a nice 3D image and produce ...


You can try Iconfactory, they have both shareware and freeware sections. If you need something more specific you can always ask for a custom design from their's StockIcons.

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