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26 will check 149 sites (although some don't seem to work). The check is done on the client-side using JavaScript, so name squatting is not easily possible.


To deactivate your account: Log in to Twitter Go to Settings Click Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page Verify that you really want to do it and voila, it's done. More information in Twitter's Help pages


Similar to mentioned by @neo, will search 150-300 sites for free, and will register them for you if you pay for their premium service.


Long time ago I started to use couple of random letters (Fczbkk) as my nickname. So far it was everywhere I tried to register. Even my domain ( was free. Choosing "Fczbkk" was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So if you just need an unique identifier for your on-line identity, I'd recommend using any random generator. Or you can ...


This is pretty easy. Login Click 'Settings" on the top Click "deactivate my account" on the bottom left Good Luck!


Click this link: deactivate your Twitter account.


You can deactivate your account from your account settings page by clicking "Deactivate my account" at the bottom. If you wish to use your username or email address with a future account, be sure to change them in your Settings page before you deactivate your account.


DandyID is a service that might at least satisfy some of your needs. The most important thing it does: You can create a DandyID-account (basic or pro version) you can link to your various accounts on social services from Twitter to facebook or AIM, so you can create a verified DandyID profile that can sync to all your other online identities, which makes it ...


You can try reporting the profile to Facebook:


Yes. It's recommended that you use your personal github account for work. On their help page Merging multiple user accounts: If you have separate accounts for work and personal use, you can merge the accounts. Tip: We recommend using only one user account to manage both personal and professional repositories. On their help page Can I create ...


Maybe you're receiving invites not because your "almost registration" to Facebook, but because your friend are using your email with this tool inside Facebook to "find friends" (sorry if it's not the exact name of the tool, I have it in Spanish) I received a few of them also, when I didn't have a Facebook account. And the invites last a lot! When I finally ...


Confirm that the URL will lead you to Facebook. Spammers like to disguise links (and email addresses) as something else. Then, once you've confirmed it, click on the link. Facebook is co-opted by law to refrain from retaining any new information in their database, but since someone has already entered in your name and email address, that's inside of ...


If you've already complained to the website owner, I think the best next step is to talk to the hosting company. What you want to do is look at the ToS and find as many infringements as possible and then report it. Web hosting companies are generally very attentive and swift with their actions. However, the result may be that the website gets taken down ...


You could try filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission but I wouldn't expect to see swift action, even if it's actionable by them.


You can at least get set up Google Alerts to search for your full name, one for last name + first name, one for first name + last name. But I am afraid the reporting has to be done manually.


Gravatar gives you not only a personal profile image, but also has a basic multi site profile that works off your email address and is very easy to use with little extra data required.


I've been setting a profile up on a site simply called "E" What I like about it is that you can have public and private profiles that you share with other folks, as well as create a digital "card" to display on your site. They also have mobile apps so that you can easily share your contact details with others. In the case of the iPhone version, if both ...


You can find the instructions in Twitter support site.

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