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Unfortunately, no. The only ingredients for a normal Facebook status update are "UpdatedAt", "Message", and "From". A link status update does offer a "Link" ingredient, but that's the URL of the link you're posting, not the link to your status message.


Instagram changed their API and IFTTT can no longer support 'this' actions such as 'when I like a photo' or 'when I am tagged in a photo'. It sucks right? No one likes when features are taken away. I hope we can find something soon that compares.


Here's my current code: And, here's the result I'm seeing: I don't think the "<br>" tags are working. I doubled up on them so there should be a blank line and there is not (Note: I also added quotes around the Text tag after this latest post).


I entered A human favorited a tweet<br> {{Text}} (@{{UserName}})<br> {{LinkToTweet}} and got the following on FB. Seems to work.

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