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OK. I finally solved it with a dynamic Google Spreadsheet: Follow instructions about How to import JSON data into Google Spreadsheets in less than 5 minutes. This leaves you with an automatic polling spreadsheet. Get your trello key and secret. Craft those values in the API URL you exactly want to feed into the ImportJSON function of step 1. Set your ...


We similarly have to create a weekly report from Trello Cards. So, I've written a simple Groovy script which makes my life easier. Basically, Trello provides a simple way of getting long time access token and then using that token, I'm getting all cards first and then its actions (like comments, movements etc) and dumping the required data as needed.


I work on the Community Team at IFTTT. We are currently investigating and troubleshooting errors with the LinkedIn Channel. Thanks for your patience, we're working quickly to get this fixed!


{{EntryPublished}} is for the date of the publication.

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