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Unfortunately you can only have one account activated for each IFTTT channel - so you will need different accounts. However they supposedly have it in the works. Alternatively, you could you a competitor of theirs, I know Zapier allows this.


You want to choose #3 - Album post aka upload a photo from url. This will still "post" the photo to facebook but also add it to the album you choose. Unfortunately, on Facebook all photos are actually part of an album. By default photo posts created on Facebook are part of the Timeline Photos album. Source. On IFTTT if you leave the Album field blank ...


There is a way to do it, however it can be a bit complicated and requires a unix web host with php 5, so be warned. Step 1 The first thing you have to do is add the maker channel. You do this the same way you'd add any other channel, by clicking "channels" at the top of the page and searching for it, then clicking on it and pressing the "add channel" ...

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