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I ran into the same limitation and started developing a cloud application which allows you to exactly that. It's basically an extension for IFTTT with the capabilities to store variables and execute some basic logic. It's not as user-friendly as IFTTT, so it's good if you have a basic understanding of variables and so on. Check it out at and let ...


If the if trigger is Gmail being starred, then there is a {{bodyplain}} ingredient. You can add this to an Evernote note for your Do.


Just looking for the answer to this problem, I found describes using Adafruit IO, that will provide a channel which you can connect to your local server (Raspberry Pi). If that is too complex, Numerous may provide the functionality you need. It seems the ittt maker channel ...


You could try using a different url to pdf service. One that I just found that doesn't seem to require setting of cookies is PDFmyURL.{{EntryUrl}} They also have other url parameters you can set. Note: I'm not affiliated with PDFmyURL in anyway. They were the first service I found when Googling, that didn't seem to require ...

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