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The action is never carried out because the RSS feed isn't recognized as creating a new entry by IFTTT. You have't included the feed URL so this can't be fully checked. This is almost certainly a problem with the feed. Here are some steps to try: validate the feed's link use a feed santizier's RSS instead and check this triggers use the Maker channel or ...


My suggestion: Create a Google Spreadsheet with either ImportData (for CSV), ImportXML (for XML) or ImportFeed (for RSS/Atom). There is a trick to make it update more often than the Google default (whatever it is). Have a Google Apps script comparing the data in a particular cell to a given threshold. It can run every hour, and send an email when ...


I'm afraid you're looking for IFTTT to do more than it's really designed for. IFTTT takes the APIs of different services and acts as a "bridge" between them. So unless there's an API for a popular service that can suss out a single value from some entered data, no, you'll not be able to do that with IFTTT.

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