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Hotlinking images is not officially supported by Google+. However I'm not currently aware of any restrictions to doing it. You can go through the Picasa Web interface which does officially support hotlinking images. Some people suspect that Picasa Web will be retired soon though so that might not work very long.


Google allows public anonymous access to images if you use absolute address of the image. One simple way to find absolute path of an image (in Google Chrome) is to right click on the image and choose "Open Image in New Tab", then you can see the absolute path of the image in the address bar of newly opened tab. You can use this address in img tags. But ...


Svick is correct; there is no way in MediaWiki to change an image's aspect ratio without reuploading it. However, the first bullet point, [[File:Whiskey flag.svg|50x50px]], is actually correct, but it just doesn't do what you may expect it to. That syntax sets whichever dimension is larger, height or width, to 50px and computes the other based on the aspect ...

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