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If you want to apply that image to all slides you can change the "master slide". If you just want to apply it to some of the slides, I think the easiest way is just to copy that slide with the image you wanted and paste it. The pasted slide will look exactly the same as the original. Then you can delete the content/change the layout etc., but the background ...


I could not make it work. The best I could do is make a shared album with setting Sharing Options/Share Album ON, and I inserted the Share Link in my post. Not 100% but better than nothing.


Install ImageMagick (great open source software) Save your presentation to pdf: File > Download as... > PDF Document (.pdf) Convert the pdf to multiple png files using ImageMagick's convert command: convert your_presentation.pdf your_slide_%03d.png Done! :) This will create one png file per slide, named your_slide_000.png, your_slide_001.png, etc. If ...

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