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Use the IMPORTDATA() built-in function. AFAIK the refresh of the data is done on the server side, so refreshing or recalculating the spreadsheet very frequently could not make any difference. The time that it takes on the server side is not documented in an canonical source; some sources say that it takes 5 minutes others 1 hour. References IMPORTDATA - ...


You can now go to https://google.com/takeout and choose Keep as an option. This will create an archive of hyperlinked HTML notes that should contain all of your content.


Indeed, the first invocation of importrange cannot be nested within another function: the request for authorization does not "bubble up" (at first I thought this was an error on Google's part, but then considered that a single command can combine several importrange within it, so providing an authorization dialog in such a case would be extra complicated). ...


Try out the latest Social Inviter plugin where you can customize the "look and feel" of the page. The Social Inviter script imports contacts details such as name, emails, addresses, phone numbers, notes, birthday and websites. Completely painless and easy to integrate in your website. Demo here: http://socialinviter.com/#!/contactimporter Documentation: ...

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