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You can learn how to import email to Gmail here. Unfortunately, it appears that you can't import email from Opera.


The solution was to select all the cells (I can't find a Select All menu item, but on OS X Command-A worked), then choose Copy, then Paste special/Paste values only. Bingo: all the cells whose values depend on the ImportHTML() in A1 now have their values pasted.


You cannot modify the data provided fetched with IMPORTHTML: if you do, you'll indeed either erase it all (if you modify the cell containing the IMPORTHTML function), or a reference error. However, you can achieve your goal by referencing the imported data from another sheet. Let's assume you have your IMPORTHTML call within sheet Sheet1. You can create a ...


I had the same concerns a few moments ago and found your question but no answer given satisfies my needs. Nevertheless I found something that seems to work for what I believe you are really asking (saving a file from it's URL with the less possible clics, and specially avoiding to save it on your device). The following 3 procedures allow you tu upload ...


The QUERY function will do what I want. I had no idea that I could use database like functions in Sheets. =QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("insert_url","Range"),"Select Col1, Col2 Where Col4='Value'")

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