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Oddly enough - in this exact situation - I played around with the page, a couple functions, variations, but the change that actually pulled in the data was simply changing the url from http to https.. see below image for live content successfully pulled


The function ImportJSONBasicAuthentication is basically just a wrapper function for ImportJSONAdvanced but changes some options before calling it (the line with var fetchOptions initiliaztion call sets up options accordingly). You'd need to include the function ImportJSONAdvanced and any functions it might also call (dependancies). Notice the return value ...


I believe that's relying on the the JSON import library by Chris Keller, found here. As its description says, To use go to Tools --> Script Editor and add the script and save. This means the entire script, not just one function from it.


This is the easiest way to achieve the descending sort: =sort(importdata(""),3,false)


Applying sort is certainly the easiest, it sometimes results in the header row getting sorted to the bottom or middle of the table. In such situations query can help, as it allows one to specify the number of header rows. The query string select * order by Col3 desc sorts by 3rd column, descending. ...

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