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There is no simple way to do this using the UI. You'll have to make use of the Instagram API to get the list of users that like a image and then lookup each account to see if it's private. Another way is to create a tool that crawls the Instagram site, i.e. you give it the url to a post, it navigates to each user that liked it, and it checks if they are ...


Instagram changed their API and IFTTT can no longer support 'this' actions such as 'when I like a photo' or 'when I am tagged in a photo'. It sucks right? No one likes when features are taken away. I hope we can find something soon that compares.


Yes, API tokens should be kept private. Think of them as a replacement for your username and password. It's another way of authenticating who you are and what type of access you should have. As for what can be done with any particular API token, this varies from service to service. Some services allow you to create API tokens with limited access, some only ...

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