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I wrote a tool to help with this. It can find the Google+ profiles of folks that you follow on Twitter. Twitter to Google It does rely on those you follow on Twitter having a www.gplus.to Google+ nickname that matches their Twitter name. Currently it will find around 20% of those that you follow, but this can be increased simply by spreading the word, ...


You can do this for free with this Zap via Zapier. Disclosure: I am on of the founders at Zapier, but I use this on a daily basis and would even if I wasn't the founder. :)


Yes this is possible with a tool like Emello. Send your email straight to Trello with Emello. You get dedicated custom email addresses for each of your Trello boards. Start sending email to Trello today.


Simplenote recently added Dropbox syncing as a premium feature: Dropbox is a great way to sync files. When you link your Dropbox account to your Simplenote account, all your notes in Simplenote will appear as text files in the Dropbox directory of your choice. Thereafter, your notes and files stay synchronized as you make changes. Syncing happens in both ...


There are actually quite a few users on Zapier who use this zap to create cards with the contents of an email based on the what label the email has. You should be able to create new comments on a trello card from an email as well. Disclaimer: I work at Zapier but even if I didn't this is how I'd do it. ;)


Please see https://trello.com/api for any questions you have regarding integrations with Trello. Note that we also have a plug-in architecture forthcoming which will facilitate more than ad hoc integrations.


Any! How to make it happen: Go to your profile: Select "Options" Select "Settings" Select the services you want to import If you want to import a service that isn't there, select Blog/RSS, then enter the feed URL.

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