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I had this too, and discovered this in my Firefox language settings: Firefox must be seeing "chrome" and reading "chr" = cherokee. Removing that line fixed the problem. I've recently turned on Firefox sync, Xmarks (installed in both Firefox and Chrome) and Chrome sync, so I suspect one of them has done this by mistake. Funny!


Whoa, those are crazy letters! I think Alex is right about the Cherokee language. Use google.com/ncr to force the English interface. ("ncr" means "No Country/Culture Redirect.") If you want to force your browser's homepage to show Google in English, you will have to set your homepage to google.com/ncr in your browser's settings. Edit: Google probably ...


I would do it the old fashioned way - wire transfer by using a bank. Most banks around the world have SWIFT codes. If you have an account at a major US Bank (BoA, Citibank, Chase, etc.), go there and fill out an international wire transfer form. Some banks even allow you to do this online (e.g. BoA). Wire transfer is especially good for large amount. I was ...


It should be using the References: header of the email messages. However, not all email clients provide a correct References header. There is nothing you can do about GMail's processing of the mail headers. Some references: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email#Header_fields http://www.jwz.org/doc/threading.html ...


This is not possible in the current version of Google Docs with "English (US)" regional settings. Until they change this you can convert millimeters to inches using this Google query: <n>mm in inches Or you could follow the tips in Dominiks answer, and change your language settings to "English (UK)".


It is currently not possible to easily do internationalisation for GitHub wiki pages and/or GitHub Pages, but you can if you do quite a bit of changes. Lets say for example, the main working language in your repository is English. You can create pages in the wiki with the content in English (so the page called "Installation" will provide details on ...


You can use one of many VPN services (which are not blocked by these services already) to watch tv shows/movies on US sites. I recommend Ivacy.com but there are many alternatives you can find on: AlternativeTo Lifehacker Five Best VPN


There is an online Wiktionary in your language. When I choose the "Deutsch" Wiktionary, and type in a word -- it doesn't matter if that is an English word, a Spanish word, a German word, etc. -- it gives me the definition(s) of the word I typed in German. Wiktionary also allows you add the (by now, relatively few) words that haven't yet been added to the ...


If you go to Google Dictionary, there is a dropdown that lets you pick a language pair (source & target languages can be different) or the dictionary for a specific language (available only for a few languages) & then looks up the meaning of a submitted word.


I've received comments about people using Netflix from outside US, using a VPN into some US-based host. Anyone have a good link about it? I dont know if a proxy is enough or you need a full tunnel. Also, dont know the legal status of this, even if you are a US citizen. iTunes on the other hand dont limit you to acces their content from abroad (they do not ...

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