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I've heard great things about FreshBooks.


Blinksale is very simple and does exactly what it does on the tin. I use Xero which is more of a fully fledged accounting system, but it does invoicing as part of that and it's not too pricey. Some others:


Note: All the following are invoices via email. You can print the invoice and sent it by mail should you wish. PayPal - free, simple invoices (Tried them, though, and the invoicing part wasn't powerful enough for me. So I use Freshbooks - below - instead.) Freshbooks - Free invoices for up to 3 clients. Does offer invoice-by-mail for small fee. ...


Freshbooks is free up to 3 clients. I haven't tried it myself, but comes highly recommended.


ARCHIBUS is the enterprise-quality and a very widely used software suite that some really big players use for space management. They have a web-based version of their tool here My only caveat is that everyone I know who uses ARCHIBUS uses the non-...


If you're looking for self hosted web apps as well, I use Bamboo Invoice. The main selling points for me were that it's open source, free, and that I can use an entirely custom invoice template, in multiple languages and currencies.

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