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It seems that VAT Invoices are only sent via the e-mail. You can search for them by filtering the e-mail sent from Intuit and print them off. E.g. in gmail you can use the following search query: from:Intuit subject:Invoice.


If you can see the invoices on screen, just use the PrntScrn function key: it takes a copy of the screen at the time, which you can paste into another program and then print from.


You can do the following things: Try to log-in to Hiscox members area (as suggested by pnuts). Your password can be found in the email that was sent to you when you completed the quotation process. If you didn't receive your login details, or are unable to find them, you can request a new password. Alternatively you can contact the call centre on 0845 643 ...


I emailed Vogogo yesterday evening. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they sent a reply within minutes. They basically said that, due to changing rules and regulations regarding credit card processing, they temporarily stopped accepting credit cards around the end of 2013. They are working with new underwriting partners to rectify the problem, but ...

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