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You can do this now! Select the cell you want to add a note to. Tap in the blue area and select Note from the menu that appears. A text entry screen will appear. Type in your note and tap OK. Cells with attached notes will have a small black tick in the upper right corner. Select the cell and go to Note like you did in step one to view and edit an exiting ...


From If you've deleted a message by choosing Delete Forever, you won’t be able to get the message back. If your messages are permanently deleted because someone got into your account without your consent, you can ask us to see whether we can recover your messages. To do this, do both of the ...


You should be able to revoke access via the Web using by going into Settings, then apps. This article in the support docs goes through the process in more detail: In there you should see "iOS by Apple", click on revoke access and this should log you out of all iOS device using your Twitter ...


Check who you are following. It's possible that someone has hacked in to your account, not changed the password, but signed you up to follow all sort. If they have, change your password ASAP, and then start unfollowing.

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