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You could use CloudHQ Cloud HQ offers services to sync Dropbox, Basecamp, Evernote, Google Docs, SugarSync, and Box. In addition, if you purchase an Enterprise tier account you will be able to manage multiple user accounts, Google Apps Admin, and Dropbox for Teams. I honestly don't know how I landed on this question but I just took a test run on CloudHQ ...


The jsFiddle server takes the pieces you specify and constructs an actual HTML page that is made up of the CSS, HTML and Javascript and included script files that you've specified. It creates a real HTML page server side and then specifies that source URL in an iframe so the browser will take it all in and parse it as a real web page.


Finally found the solution!! I came across this app last week and so far its been working flawlessly. Backupgoo by FinalFrontierLabs. It backs up Docs, Emails, Contacts and Calendar to offline formats (.eml, vcard, docx etc) Its compatible with Apps accounts that have multiple domains (ie. a primary domains, and other secondary domains) Uses OAuth to ...

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